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Stopping the Migration of Asian Carp

LECTU supports the efforts to stop the migration of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes.  These aquatic invaders have been migrating up the Mississippi River for several years. As filter feeders, that can weigh up to 100 pounds, they eat plankton and can consume up to 40% of their body weight daily. Asian Carp will compete directly with the forage fish of Trout, Steelhead and Salmon. Their invasion of Great Lakes waters can have a devastating effect on the waters LECTU Members fish and work so hard to protect.

The carp have been found in the canals that connect the Mississippi River with Lake Michigan. An Electronic barrier has been placed in the main canal to help prevent the Asian Carp from entering Lake Michigan. Recently Asian Carp DNA has been found past the barrier in the canals that lead to Lake Michigan.

LECTU President Mike Beachy has been in touch with, Great Lakes Fishery Commissioner, William James about this issue, and likes their direction. The GLFC is supportive of a biological separation of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes [Source]. Please take a look at some of the following links for more information, and come back to LECTU.org for more information as this important issue is addressed by the many interests involved.

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