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River Cleanup

Little Elkhart River Clean Up Project

Clearing a log jam
Clearing a log jam

LECTU will be holding four workdays this summer. The focus of the clean up is to open up the main river channel and clean out some of the logjams that impede the flow of the river. The logjam clean out accomplishes several objectives.

By opening the flow of the river, water is allowed to flow more freely. Moving water creates oxygen and prevents warming that occurs when water is backed up. Moving water will help scour the bottom creating more trout habitat. Opening flow through areas help make log jams more fishable by removing snags. The debris that are removed from the log jams are then either discarded up on the bank or rearranged to narrow the river and deflect flow creating more trout habitat. Legally all work has to be done by hand and using hand tools only otherwise permits have to be secured. Many times the logs that require moving are heavy and require several guys to accomplish the task.

We need volunteers to assist in these projects. The camaraderie is good and we always have a blast. I would encourage you to come and help out. Bring someone with you especially if they are young and strong. The work may be hard but the rewards can be fulfilling. It is a great way to get to know the river and it’s secret spots. It will make you a better fisherman once you are in tune with the river.

You will need to come ready to get in the water. Waders and bug spray is a must. I would recommend a garden rake and some rubberized gloves.

2020 Work Days:
June  TBD  8:00 am
Stream CleanupJuly 11 & 25 8:00 am
Stream Cleanup

August 8 & 22 8:00 am
Stream Cleanup

September 12 8:00 am
Stream Cleanup

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