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LECTU Fishing Guide – Where to Fish

The Little Elkhart Chapter is proud to present our “Guide to Trout Fishing the Little Elkhart River.” We realize that the majority of our chapter members do not live conveniently close to the Little Elkhart River and may not be familiar with the area. We want our members to have a favorable experience while exploring our home waters. This guide will provide the unfamiliar fisherman with vital information when making the trek to Elkhart and LaGrange Counties to explore the Little Elkhart River. We have maps of the river including near by county roads and directions to access sites. The guide will also include a short description about the river at each access so a first timer can plan out an outing with some sort of direction.

There are several public fishing areas such as city or county parks. The city of Middlebury owns a large section of the catch and release waters and these areas are open to fishermen without permission however the majority of the Little Elkhart River flows through private property.

We realize that by popularizing this river we run the risk of elevating problems between fishermen and the property owners. We plan to continue to work closely with the property owners to maintain as much open trout fishing along the river as possible. Fishermen play a large role in these potential conflicts. We ask that you be good stewards of our sport and respect the properties along the river, it can go a long way towards good property owner-fisherman relations. Please be mindful that while fishing most of the Little Elkhart River you are the “guest” of the owner who is permitting you to fish on their land. Under Indiana law the water is owned by the state however the ground under the water belongs to the property owner. Asking for permission to fish is always a good idea prior to entering the stream.

This is available for $5 via mail or at any monthly LECTU meeting. Send a self addressed stamped envelope and check to LECTU:
LECTU Fishing Guide
509 Gra-Roy Drive
Goshen, IN 46526