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Little Elkhart River Clean Up Project

River CleanupLECTU will be leading workdays this summer. The focus of the clean up is to open up the main river channel and clean out some of the logjams that impede the flow of the river. The logjam clean out accomplishes several objectives.

By opening the flow of the river, water is allowed to flow more freely. Moving water creates oxygen and prevents warming that occurs when water is backed up. Moving water will help scour the bottom creating more trout habitat. Opening flow through areas help make log jams more fishable by removing snags. The debris that are removed from the log jams are then either discarded up on the bank or rearranged to narrow the river and deflect flow creating more trout habitat. Legally all work has to be done by hand and using hand tools only otherwise permits have to be secured. Many time More….

2008 Trout Season Synopsis

In response to angler requests, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources imposed catch-and-release (artificial lures only) trout fishing regulations beginning in 2007 on a short stretch of the Little Elkhart River near Middlebury. The purpose was to (a) extend the trout fishing season beyond the typical two-week frenzy that historically prevailed under catch-and-creel management, and (b) increase the number and size of trout inhabiting the catch-and-release stretch. More….

LECTU Fishing Guide – Where to Fish

The Little Elkhart Chapter is proud to present our “Guide to Trout Fishing the Little Elkhart River.” We realize that the majority of our chapter members do not live conveniently close to the Little Elkhart River and may not be familiar with the area. We want our members to have a favorable experience while exploring our home waters. This guide will provide the unfamiliar fisherman with vital information when making the trek to More….