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2020 Stream Work Days

  • The trail cutting through Hoover Woods will be either Saturday June 13th or June 27th. The decision will be made at the June meeting.
  • In addition, due to many fallen trees there will need to be chainsaw work as well.
  • The other work days are July 11, 25, August 8, 22, and September 12 (all days are Saturday).

LECTU Fly Tying

Kieth Loutzenhiser will again be graciously hosting a tying session Saturday February 25 at his home.

Dustin recently teaching fly tying at the West Michigan Fly Show.

We have a guest tier Dustin New a tying instructor of the SJRVFF. February 25, 9:00 AM he will be teaching you how to tie some of his most effective smallmouth patterns.

Please bring any tools or materials you need or are willing to share to help the new tiers learn.
Here is a map to his house at 10475 Cottage Grove Dr. Middlebury, IN 46540. Call if you have any questions 574.825.1179.

Please send Kieth an email if you plan to attend. keithloutzenhiser@yahoo.com, we hope to see you there.



2017 Spring Outing May 6

Schedule of Events

8:00 am

Registration Free Admission Members
and Non-Members

9:00 am

  • Casting Competition Course open
  • Casting instruction by Charlie Ray
  • Andy Kitson Advanced Nymphing for the Little E

9:30 am

  • Stream Access Tour (Limited to 15 people)

10:00 am

  • Mike Beachy Advanced Swing Techniques for the Little E
  • Will Winans Fly Tying Smallmouth Patterns

11:00 am

Featured Presentation Big River Fly Fishing
with Will Winans


Lunch is served: $5 Donation Cookout

1:00 pm

Table Raffle Fundraising


Fly Tying Session

Kieth Loutzenhiser will again be hosting a tying session at his home. Come to learn something new or to share some of your knowledge. This Saturday January, 16 at 9:00 AM. Andy Kitson of Amish Trout Outfitters will be leading a class on some of the patterns he has been using on the Little E.

Please bring any tools or materials you need or are willing to share to help the new tiers learn. Here is a map to his house at 10475 Cottage Grove Dr. Middlebury, IN 46540. Call if you have any questions574.825.1179.

Please send Kieth an email if you plan to attend. keithloutzenhiser@yahoo.com, we hope to see you there.

Stream Project

Stream habitat restoration project planned for Saturday, September 12 at Riverbend Park in Middlebury (map). The project includes removal of blown down trees that have caused log jams threatening to warm our favorite trout stream.

CR 43 2This notice serves as an invitation and a call out for your assistance. We need volunteers to make this project a success. We have duties for everyone, whether you are a young body builder capable of lifting a whole tree or feeble and elderly delivering water bottles to the laborers we can use your help.

We plan to get started at around 8:00 am and end at noon. We will be meeting at Riverbend Park, 511 E. Warren St. Middlebury, IN. You, of course being a volunteer, are at liberty to come and go as required. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated, even if it is only part of the day. All you need to bring is some gloves that are suited for working wet. We will be working in the water so you may want to bring your waders or you can wet wade. All other tools and equipment will be provided.

This type of river work is an enjoyable experience. The camaraderie built working alongside other folks with like minded results is truly a reward. The creation of trout habitat will pay dividends long into the future not only for us but for those who follow in our footsteps.

You are free to invite (recruit) guests to come along and help. If you have some strong young bucks that are willing to help, we could use them. Bring a buddy, a neighbor, or an entire football squad because this is going to be quite an undertaking.

Questions or concerns pertaining to the project should be directed to Mike Beachy, cell phone (574)596-4929 or e-mail beach@bnin.net.

Trout 101 has been canceled

Due to a low response to Trout 101 we have added another work day this Saturday June 13. LECTU has four other scheduled stream work days for June 27, July 18, August 1 and September 12. These are all Saturday morning work projects meeting at Riverbend Park at 8:00 am. Over the past years LECTU Conservation Stream Workdays have accomplished a lot. The goal is to provide trout habitat, improve the rivers trout holding capacity and guard against stream derogation and bank erosion. Last year our attention was aimed at the CR 43 section of the catch and release section of stream. At this point that section of river is complete however the river is always changing and no area can be ignored for long. There are several areas of the river that are requiring our attention. New fallen trees have started to clog the river in several spots causing bank erosion as the river cuts its way around these clogs. The emerald ash bore has ravaged the woods surrounding the river raising concerns that this problem will only get worse in the coming years as the dead trees begin to fall into the river.This year our work days will require us to pay attention to these problem spots rather than to address an entire section of river as we did last summer. Once again we are asking for volunteers to assist us in this endeavor. We need a small army of helpers to make our river fishable, free flowing and a place of beauty. The work is hard but very rewarding. The more volunteers we get the more we can accomplish. Please make an effort to come and give us a hand in this never ending task.

Beginners Fly Fishing

LECTU will be holding the Beginners Fly Fishing Class on Saturday May 30 at Riverbend Park in Middlebury. Anticipated starting time is 9:00 am however it depends on the number of folks attending and if we need to run more than one class. Fee for this class is $15. That includes the use of a fly rod outfit and all the supplies. This class is a real bargain. Generally this type of instruction will cost you a lot more if you were to go through any fly fishing shop. This class is limited to fishermen 10 years old or older.

2013_0608(011)This class is for the new fly fisherman or someone who has started to fly fish on their own and is struggling. Even if you have never held a fly rod in your hand but have always thought you may want to try it, this is the class you need to figure it all out.

Charlie Ray will be teaching this class. Charlie has had years of teaching experience and it has carried over into his passion for the art of fly fishing. He is patient with his teaching technique and truly a gift to our chapter.

Charlie will start each student from the beginning with explanations of what fly fishing is all about. It can be complicated at first. Differing lengths, weights of fly rods, types of fly lines, leaders and tippets, knots to attach it all together can be confusing enough to make a beginner quit before they even start. Then there is the actual casting that is a timing issue and completely different from spinning gear. Then there are the flies by the thousands. What is the difference between them and what do they represent. The entire package can be overwhelming.

Charlie can provide the seeds required for the beginning fly fisherman that can blossom into a lifetime of enjoyment. Let Charlie enlighten you. Not only is fly fishing a calming experience but a productive manner in which to catch trout.

To enroll in this class please contact Mike Beachy with a text message at (574)596-4929 or an e-mail at beach@bnin.net. This class is first come first served with limited availability of spots.

2015 Spring Outing

Saturday May 2 is the date for the LECTU Annual Spring Outing. Each year the Annual Outing seems to get bigger and better. It is LECTU’s one time gathering of our membership along with other like minded trout fishing enthusiasts. It is our one chance to provide information about our chapter and our goals for the Little Elkhart River. It serves as our primary fundraiser as well. The Outing is held at Riverbend Park, 511 East Warren Street, Middlebury, Indiana on the banks of the Little Elkhart River. Free admission/registration starts at 8:30 am with festivities wrapping up around 1:30-2:00. We do ask for a $5 donation for our cook out lunch at noon. The fundraising raffle/silent auction expense is up to you.

At 9:00 we will begin the stream access tour and it will run for about an hour. We pile folks into a mini bus and shuttle them on a tour of the popular access points along the river. Along the way we try to provide information about each area like where it is located compared the entire river, what kind of water to expect, when it fishes best and so on. For those attendees who are new to the Little Elkhart River and do not know where to start this is a great tour. We have found that this tour is very popular and demand for limited space is high. If you have been on this tour in the past we will not stop you from going again however please be considerate of those first timers who desire this information.

Also at 9:00 we will have LECTU’s “master” casting instructor, Charlie Ray on hand to assist you with perfecting your fly casting or starting you in the art if you are a beginner. Charlie is a great instructor and very knowledgeable in the instruction of fly casting. He has had a lot of experience teaching fly fishing and casting to all age groups. If you are having issues with your cast he is the guy to help you. Charlie will also have a casting course and will hold a no pressure friendly casting competition during the morning festivities.

Around 9:00 we will have a resident fly tier on hand demonstrating fly tying. He will demonstrate flies that have been local favorites and answer questions about the art of fly tying.

After the stream access tour returns around 10:00 we will have a stream habitat tour for those wanting to see some of our habitat improvement handy work. Hopefully the weather cooperates and the area that we wish to show off is not too muddy.

At 10:30 President Mike Beachy will give a few comments on the “State of LECTU” followed by our featured speaker Jay Anglin. Jay is an avid outdoorsman and both a hunting and fishing guide covering northwest Indiana and southwestern Michigan. Jay knows his stuff and is an entertaining speaker. Jay is the owner of Anglin Outdoors.

At noon we will serve a cookout style lunch. We ask for a $5 donation to offset the cost of the food. Last year we went through five gallons of beans just as an example of the volume of food gets consumed. Our goal is to break even not to raise any funds from the luncheon. The donation covers the cost of the food, drinks and paper goods.

We will be selling raffle tickets and taking bids on the silent auction items all morning however after lunch we will begin the fundraising portion of the Outing. Bob Hagin and Steve Mack our donation procurement co-chairmen have been busy collecting a nice array of items for prizes. In the past they have impressed everyone with quality items and this year should be equally impressive. Rods, reels, tackle, artwork, fly tying materials, LECTU logo clothing, boxes of flies, coolers, and the list goes on and on. We will also draw for the Adopt-A-Trout grand prize raffle of a Winston Boron IIIX fly rod and the Lamson Waterworks ULA fly reel or $400 cash winner’s choice. LECTU only accepts cash or checks for the fundraising portion so come prepared.

The Annual Spring Outing takes a lot of work on the part of the volunteers. We have made every attempt to provide the attendees with a great gathering. It is a good way to start the spring trout fishing season. We encourage everyone to make an attempt to attend. You do not have to be a member to attend so if you would like to bring a non-member buddy or family member along it is fine. This event is held outside in an open air pavilion and is a rain or shine event so please dress appropriately and pray for a warm sunny day.

Riverbend Park is on the banks of the Little Elkhart River so if you are inclined bring your fishing gear and do some trout fishing after the event. May 2nd is only a week after the opening of the catch and keep season so the river should have a healthy population of State stocked rainbows for your entertainment.


Little Elkhart Trout Fishing 101

DSCF0682Have you, never fly fished for trout on the Little Elkhart River? Have you had less success than you would have liked? Did you arrive at the river clueless as to what to use or how to fish it?

I think that has happened to all of us at some point however LECTU is about to change all that. We are going to hold our first ever Trout Fishing 101 Clinic on Saturday June 21 starting at 9:00 am for all those who want to know how to fish for
Amish trout. We have taken the most experienced Little Elkhart trout fishermen and asked them to serve as instructors. Each instructor will be teaching a different technique for taking trout on the Little Elkhart River.

The Little E, fly fishes different than most rivers. We have water level fluctuations, water clarity considerations and trout cover that are mainly woody. To be successful you need to be able to change techniques depending on the conditions and the time of year. We want our members to be successful in their adventures to the Little Elkhart River so let us help you get a jump on the learning curve.

The Clinic will run like this. The “students” will divided into smaller groups. Each group will go with an instructor to the river for education on a particular technique. Your instructor will advise you as to the type of water to look for when fishing this technique, the best time of year to use it and a list of flies to use with this technique. The instructor will then demonstrate the technique and answer any questions you have about it. After a designated time the “student group” will then move to another instructor for another educational demonstration until all techniques have been gone through.

2013_0608(011)Techniques covered will include streamers, nymphing, swinging soft hackles, jig fishing log jams and dries and dry/ droppers. We will provide written handouts with diagrams, fly selection and information on each technique and space for you
to take notes for future reference.

There is no fee for this clinic however we would like to know who and how many will attend so you will need to reserve a spot. This clinic will be a rain or shine event so dress appropriately. The clinic should take about two hours so there will be plenty of time to try out all that you have learned the rest of the afternoon. You might as well bring your fishing gear and make a day of it while all the info is fresh in your mind.

To reserve a spot in LECTU’s inaugural Little Elkhart Trout Fishing 101 Clinic contact Mike Beachy at beach@bnin.net or call (574)596-4929.