Little Elkhart River Clean Up Project

LECTU will be starting our River Clean Up Project this Saturday June, 19. We will meet at Riverbend Park in Middlebury (Map) at 8:00am and work for three to four hours.

The focus of the clean up is to open up the main river channel and clean out some of the logjams that impede the flow of the river. The logjam clean out accomplishes several objectives.

By opening the flow of the river, water is allowed to flow more freely. Moving water creates oxygen and prevents warming that occurs when water is backed up. Moving water will help scour the bottom creating more trout habitat. Opening flow through areas help make log jams more fishable by removing snags. The debris that are removed from the log jams are then either discarded up on the bank or rearranged to narrow the river and deflect flow creating more trout habitat. Legally all work has to be done by hand and using hand tools only otherwise permits have to be secured. Many times the logs that require moving are heavy and require several guys to accomplish the task.

We need volunteers to assist in this project. The camaraderie is good and we always have a blast. I would encourage you to come and help out. Bring someone with you especially if they are young and strong. The work may be hard but the rewards can be fulfilling. It is a great way to get to know the river and it’s secret spots. It will make you a better fisherman once you are in tune with the river.

You will need to come ready to get in the water. Waders and bug spray is a must. I would recommend a garden rake and some rubberized gloves.

2010 Catch Report Project

LECTU is attempting to keep track of fishermen’s catch rate again this year on the Little Elkhart River. It is very important for us to maintain a running statistical monitor to see how the catch and release section of the Little Elkhart River is doing. We also want to compare the catch and release section to the remainder of the river.

This year we are attempting to report all catch rates on our web site. This is the vital information we need.

-How many hours did you fish?
-How many rainbow trout did you catch?
-How many brown trout did you catch?
-Were you fishing inside the catch and release section?
-Were you satisfied with your fishing experience?

These statistics are very important if we want to continue our brown trout stocking program or if we ever wish to expand areas of catch and release protected fishing. Please help us keep a running record no matter if it was a great outing or just a mediocre one they all are important in the overall scheme of things.

To report your catch please click here or on the link on the LECTU homepage.

Stopping the Migration of Asian Carp

LECTU supports the efforts to stop the migration of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes.  These aquatic invaders have been migrating up the Mississippi River for several years. As filter feeders, that can weigh up to 100 pounds, they eat plankton and can consume up to 40% of their body weight daily. Asian Carp will compete directly with the forage fish of Trout, Steelhead and Salmon. Their invasion of Great Lakes waters can have a devastating effect on the waters LECTU Members fish and work so hard to protect.

The carp have been found in the canals that connect the Mississippi River with Lake Michigan. An Electronic barrier has been placed in the main canal to help prevent the Asian Carp from entering Lake Michigan. Recently Asian Carp DNA has been found past the barrier in the canals that lead to Lake Michigan.

LECTU President Mike Beachy has been in touch with, Great Lakes Fishery Commissioner, William James about this issue, and likes their direction. The GLFC is supportive of a biological separation of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes [Source]. Please take a look at some of the following links for more information, and come back to for more information as this important issue is addressed by the many interests involved.

Visit the Trout Unlimited Take Action Site Today!

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