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Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2021

Meeting Attendees

     Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser   Mark Holcomb   Nick Christofeno  Jim Mock

     Ian Steigmeyer


  • Due to the ongoing restrictions at the Middlebury Library because of Covid-19 the next meeting on Wednesday April 14, 2021 will be held at the home of Keith Loutzenhiser.
  • Keith’s Address: 10475 Cottage Grove Dr., Middlebury, IN 46540

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for February 10, 2021 were approved.

Fishing Reports

  • Nick reported catching a brown near County Rd. 35 (Sunday 3/7) on a white/tan streamer pattern.  Ian Steigmeyer fished the area at the new Corson Park today before the meeting and reported catching a 14” brown on a white clouser minnow. Tom V. also fished before today’s meeting and caught a brown at County Rd. 43 on a black woolly bugger.

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser submitted a verbal report for February 2021. He reported $ 28,659.79 balance summary for all accounts. 
  • LECTU needed to pay late fee charges on an over dated (90 days) check deposit.


  • Due to health issues Brandon Rasler was unable to publish the combined Summer/Fall edition of the Newsletter. The Newsletter will be released shortly.
  • The Winter/Spring edition of the Newsletter is being prepared and will also be ready shortly.

Fly Boxes from New Phase

  • LECTU approved a reorder of fly boxes and Mike will place a new order.

Film Tour Fundraiser

  • The deadline expired for this project before LECTU was able to submit an application. Therefore LECTU will not participate on the Film Fundraiser.

Little Elkhart River Guide 

  • Mike is working on a new draft, and then he and Keith will review before submitting to a printer.
  • Access points to be highlighted with blow-ups of key sections.

LECTU Web-Site Manager 

  • Ian Steigmeyer has volunteered to assume the job of Web-Site Manager. He will contact Brandon Rasler and begin the transition.

Corson County Park (Reprinted from January 13, 2021)

  • There is no new information from the County about the park, since they are waiting on a Federal Grant. As soon as there is progress Rhonda DeClaire of the Parks Dept. will contact LECTU.
  • New construction of building sites, roads, and retaining pond has started next to the park land.
  • When fishing this section stay back from the first house downstream from the access trail.

LECTU Annual Hats

  • The next four years (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024) of the annual hats arrived and Keith has them. 

Wood Duck Houses

  • A local girl-scout troop made duck houses and donated them to LECTU for installation.
  • Mark Holcomb reported that six houses were installed at The Meadow on Saturday February 27th. LECTU will review other sites for installation of the remaining duck houses.

Brown Trout Stocking

  • Nick submitted the stocking application to the state, and LECTU is waiting for the approval.
  • Nick has placed an order with Crystal Springs hatchery for 1,000 trout (13”-14”). Nick reported that since these are now two year old trout, some will be in the 15”-16” size.
  • The plan will be to stock 500 at The Meadow, and 500 near the Corson County Park area. The date of the stocking is still to be determined.

H.A.M. Project 

  • Hams will be distributed before Easter (April 4th). Nick will order the hams.
  • Seven Total: 1)Oesh, 3)Schwartz, 2)Yoder, and 1)Hoover (The extra Yoder ham is for his son).

LECTU Fly Tying

  • The last winter fly tying session will be Saturday March 20th. This will be 9:00am to Noon, and will be at Keith Loutzenhiser’s house.


  • 100 flies were tied on Sunday February 28th. These will be donated to the TU Youth Program.

LECTU (Future Meeting Place)(reprinted from February 2021 Minutes)

  • Chris Miller owns a primitive cabin (no heat, no facilities) on The Little Elkhart. This cabin is located on County Rd. 8 near County Rd. 10. Mike will speak with Chris regarding the cabin.

Summer Work Project(reprinted from February 2021 Minutes)

  • Wilbur Yoder contacted Mike regarding LECTU assistance with work on his bridge crossing the Little Elkhart at The Meadow. 
  • LECTU will focus on this area for the summer work project. In addition, LECTU will create a rock dam downstream from the bridge.

LECTU Meeting Place

Next Meeting – Wednesday – April 14, 2021

  • NOTE: Due to Library restrictions we will meet at the home of Keith Loutzenhiser. Address for Keith: 10475 Cottage Grove Dr., Middlebury, IN 46540

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary