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Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2020

Meeting Attendees

     Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser  Nick Christofeno   Mike Beachy  

     Jon Christofeno   Mark Holcomb  


  • Due to the ongoing restrictions at the Middlebury Library because of Covid-19 the next meeting on Wednesday November 11, 2020 will be held at the home of Keith Loutzenhiser.
  • Keith’s Address: 10475 Cottage Grove Dr., Middlebury, IN 46540

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for September 9, 2020 were approved.

Fishing Reports

  • The water is low, clear, and cool. The river bottom is covered with a fine silt.
  • Mike reported fishing the new Corson Park area with a Jig Leach Bomb and did well.

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser submitted the report for September. The total for all accounts is $ 26,851.97
  • LECTU received $ 50 from Dr. Dan Burns
  • LECTU received $ 500 from 3RFF as a donation. Steve Mack (Fund Raising Chairman) will send 3RFF a thank you letter.


  • The newsletter will be a Summer/Fall Double issue newsletter. Summer photos of each phase of the stream work with narrative of the construction method and the purpose (to meander the stream). Featured fly in addition to articles on summer and fall techniques for the Little Elkhart.
  • The newsletter is complete and submitted to Brandon for publishing.
  • Keith contacted Andy Loffredo (TU National Volunteer Chairman) regarding the TU 5 Rivers program. The 5 Rivers program is an outreach for college campuses. LECTU has been contacted by Connor Flora of IU regarding his efforts to establish a fly fishing club at IU. Keith will facilitate the contact with Connor and the 5 Rivers program.

T.U. Service Partnership

  • This is a TU program for first responders (Military, Medical, Fire, Law Enforcement) introducing them to TU and fly fishing. TU gives a free 1 year membership.
  • LECTU will do an outreach with local first responders.

Little Elkhart River Guide (Reprinted from September)

  • Mike will rewrite the guide with assistance from Keith.
  • Access points to be highlighted with blow-ups of key sections.

LECTU Web-Site Manager (Reprinted from September)

  • The LECTU web-site is often not updated, and contains old and stale information.
  • LECTU will search for someone that can take over full time management of the Web-Site. 

Corson County Park (Reprinted from September)

  • There is no new information from the County about the park.
  • New construction of building sites, roads, and retaining pond has started next to the park land.
  • When fishing this section stay back from the first house downstream from the access trail.

Middlebury Youth Fishing Contest

  • Tom Enright (Middlebury Parks) and LECTU (Sponsorship) were planning to host this event, but it was cancelled for this year.

Summer Work Project

  • LECTU “Kicked Ash” this summer. Lots of dead ash trees were felled, and repurposed in the river. A great deal was accomplished this year. 
  • Next summer will require additional wall work (supporting the bank to prevent erosion and create trout habitat). 
  • Mike proposed the idea of creating a Mid-River man-made island with bank reinforcement on each side.

Middlebury Parks

  • There is a log jam forming at the lunker box work project site at River Bend Park.
  • Tom Enright has requested assistance from LECTU to remove the log jam
  • LECTU (Mike B, Nick C, Mark H, and Tom V) will assist the parks department Saturday 

October 24th.


  • Nick reported that Carlson Ross of IDEM performed an electroshocking of the Little Elkhart near County Rd. 35. The state was taking tissue sample from bass, white suckers, and trout in order to assess the water quality and river conditions. 
  • There were lots of browns, and a couple of lunker size.

LECTU Annual Hats

  • Keith has taken over this responsibility from Lee Troyer, and order hats for 2021.


  • The 3RFF has cancelled the February 13, 2021 fly fishing show in Fort Wayne. Since this show and others during the winter are a major source for our annual raffle sale, this could pose a fundraising issue for LECTU.
  • The LECTU annual outing (normally the first Saturday in May) is also in jeopardy. A final decision will be made during our December meeting.

LECTU Meeting Place

Next Meeting – Wednesday – November 11, 2020

  • NOTE: Due to Library restrictions we will meet at the home of Keith Loutzenhiser. 
  • Address for Keith: 10475 Cottage Grove Dr., Middlebury, IN 46540
  • LECTU is attempting to source an alternative meeting place for our winter meetings.

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary