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Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2020

Meeting Attendees

     Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser  Nick Christofeno   Mike Beachy  

     Jon Christofeno  Leonard Gustin  Mark Holcomb

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for July 8, 2020 were approved.

Fishing Reports

  • The cool nights have made the Little Elkhart safer to fish (occasionally). It is best to have a stream thermometer, and catching trout when the water is above 64 degrees will cause undue stress to the trout.
  • There is good fishing everywhere on the Little Elkhart. Jigging a small streamer into log jams is a good technique to catch trout. The majority of trout being caught are 10-14 inch browns, and some rainbows are again being caught.

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser submitted the report for July. The total for all accounts is $ 25,214.97
  • LECTU received $ 100 from Dr. Dan Burns
  • LECTU received $ 5 for a fishing guide
  • Expenditure of  $89.38 at Stock & Field for work day supplies (chain saw oil, gas cans, blades).


  • The summer newsletter is nearly complete and will be sent out soon.
  • A Little Elkhart river fishing guide was purchased by Linda Kulikowski of Zionsville.

Little Elkhart River Guide (reprinted from March meeting minutes)

  • The river guide is outdated and contains obsolete information.
  • After discussion it was decided to keep the current tri-fold format for the guide. After it is updated and new copies printed, they will be available at No Charge.
  • Keith is working on a draft for the new guide.

LECTU Web-Site Manager (reprinted from July meeting minutes)

  • The LECTU web-site is often not updated, and contains old and stale information.
  • LECTU will search for someone that can take over full time management of the Web-Site. 
  • David Rosbrugh is a new member from Warsaw. David is interested in possibly taking over this position. David will work with Mike and Brandon to check if this is a viable option.

Corson County Park

  • There is no new information from the County about the park.
  • New construction of building sites, roads, and retaining pond has started next to the park land.
  • When fishing this section stay back from the first house downstream from the access trail.

Middlebury Riverfest

  • The Middlebury Riverfest event for August 2020 has been canceled due to ongoing concerns regarding the spread of Covid-19.

Youth Fishing Contest

  • A text was sent to Tom Enright of Middlebury parks for information about this event, and LECTU is waiting for a reply.
  • It is most likely that this event will be also canceled.

Trout Routes

  • Leonard Gustin contacted Zach Pope of the Twin Cities Chapter. Zach is attempting a detailed mapping of all Mid-West trout streams. Leonard assisted him with the Indiana portion.

Summer Work Days

  • July 10 – Mike prep-work (4h)
  • July 11 – 7 guys (35h)
  • July 25 – 2 guys (8h)
  • Aug 7   –  Prep-work (3h)
  • Aug 8   –  6 guys (24h) includes 2 kids
  • There are two scheduled days remaining: August 22 and September 12. There is a lot to finish yet this summer.
  • The members present at the meeting decided to work an additional day on Sunday August 16th.
  • Mike Beachy, Nick Christofeno, Mark Holcomb, Chase Spaw, Tom Sult, and Tom Vanderputten participated and were able to complete three additional sections of the log retaining wall at The Meadow.

Winter Fly Shows

  • There is uncertainty regarding the winter fly shows that LECTU normally attend. LECTU uses these shows to sell our annual raffle tickets, advertise our spring outing, and spread information about LECTU.
  • If these shows are canceled we need to develop alternative venues.

Next Meeting – Wednesday – September 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM 

  • NOTE: Due to the reduced hours at the Library we will continue to meet at Riverbend Park.

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary