Meeting Attendees

    Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser Nick Christofeno   Jim Philips Mike Beachy Jim Mock   Mark Holcomb    Steve Mack Lee Troyer   Leonard Gustin Tom Cripe Jon Christofeno

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for January 8, 2020 were approved.

Fishing Reports

  • Nick reported fishing on Sunday February 8th. He fished the Little Elkhart upstream from the Meadow, and caught +10 browns using streamers and European Nymphing.

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser reported a total balance of $ 27,126.87 in all accounts as of December 2019.
  • Dr. Dan Burns sent a donation of $ 100.
  • New Income from the sale of the Adopt-A-Trout raffle tickets as follows: $1,545 from all mail-in tickets, $60 from SJVFF, $ 810 from the 2-day Heartland Fly Fishing Show.
  • LECTU received $5 for a Little Elkhart River Guide.
  • LECTU received the 1099 form from Teacher’s Credit Union
  • The receipt for the H.A.M. project was submitted to Keith.
  • Mike reported that numerous mail-in tickets received had amounts higher than the amount of tickets purchased. This money will be considered donations and added to the Adopt-A-Trout fund.


  • The winter newsletter has been sent to members, but not yet posted to the web-site.
  • The spring newsletter will be short and primarily focus on the Annual Outing (May 2nd), Official Opening Day for Indiana trout fishing, and the closing of sections of the Catch/Release area due to Turkey Hunting season of the Amish landowners.
  • A Little Elkhart river guide was sent to Jim Oresko (Crown Point, IN).

Corson County Park

  • There were no additional updates on the progress of the new park.

Outing Fundraiser

  • Tom Barnowski (Chicago Guy from the Tinley Park Show) will donate a custom fly rod.
  • Members are encouraged to canvass local shops/businesses for free stuff for the outing. Places to canvass: Tackle Shack, Rusty Hook, Big R, North Webstee/Syracuse
  • Per Steve Mack: Keough has indicated they will donate (gift to be determined), Hawkins will donate a guided trip or a discounted 2-day trip.
  • Steve Mack will visit Clear H2O and Rusty Hook.
  • Leonard Gustin will donate a 8.5 ft/ 4 wt rod.

Annual Adopt-A-Trout 

  • $810 from the Heartland Show, $60 from SJVFF, $ 1,545 from the mail-in tickets.
  • $2,415 year-to-date sales without any individual sales.
  • Outing Sales, 3RFF Show, CITU film tour still ahead. The sales at this point are at previous year expectations.

Heartland Fly Show

  • Heartland Show was held in Indianapolis: January 18-19. LECTU participated for both days.
  • The show was well attended on Saturday, but very sparse on Sunday. Unfortunately LECTU was set-up in the back room again which greatly diminishes our contact with the attendees.
  • Mike reported talking to LECTU members from both Muncie and Lafayette. They expressed appreciation for our efforts to maintain the Little Elkhart has a sustainable fishery.

3RFF Fly Show

  • The show is Saturday Feb. 15th. Mike contacted Curly (3RFF) and LECTU can set-up Saturday morning. The location will be the same as in previous years. The show starts at 9:00am.
  • Keith, Tammy, Mike, Nick, and Leonard will attend. 
  • Mike will bring display and show set-up equipment.

CITU Film Tour

  • The Central Indiana TU will present a film tour on Saturday March 7th at the Vogue Theatre in Broad Ripple.
  • Mike, Nick, Steve Mack, and Mark Holcomb plan to attend.
  • LECTU will not be able to set-up a presentation but will be allowed to sell Adopt-A-Trout tickets.

LECTU Streamer Class:

  • Jon Uhlenhop from Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters will teach a class on Sunday March 8, 2020 at the Hampton Inn (Middlebury, IN).
  • Jon plans to tie six flies and supply the materials and thread.
  • 4 Duneland guys are expected. Steve, Mike, and Nick from LECTU are also attending.
  • LECTU will continue to solicit attendees from other clubs and organizations.

Edward Donnelly Chapter

  • Bill Wobbekind (The Conservation Project Chairperson) of the Edward Donnelly Chapter of TU which is based in Chicago contacted LECTU regarding participating in some of the Little Elkhart river projects.
  • The Edward Donnelly Chapter is willing to donate money and volunteers for a Group Conservation Project.
  • LECTU will contact them and offer the following dates for the project: July, 11th, 18th, and 25th.

No Trespassing at Well Field 

  • Lee Troyer talked with Ron Cupp of the Middlebury Water Department. The no trespassing signs were not intended to prevent LECTU from fishing access. 
  • Signs will be added below the current signs “Fishing Access Permitted”.

LECTU Fly Tying

  • The winter LECTU fly tying will be Saturday February 22nd at Keith Loutzenhiser’s house.
  • Mike will demo a fly (Little E – Baby Leech). Flies will tied for donation fly boxes.

LECTU Outing May 2nd

  • There will be a stream access tour again this year. The church bus is no longer available, and a van or bus needs to be arranged.
  • Keith will handle the rental of the PA System (including amp and cordless microphone). Keith will also rent the chairs.
  • Steve Mack will provide the screen and laptop.
  • John Hollister will again be the LECTU chef.

LECTU Member Fishing Trip

  • The $500 deposit has been made to the Lodge.
  • Thursday June 18th 3:00pm check-in. Sunday June 21st 11:00am check-out.
  • The Lodge is located on Spring Creek which is a tributary of the Timber Coulee. This is the Driftless Area of Wisconsin (Coon Valley).

Brown Trout Stocking

  • The planning and responsibilities for the Brown Trout stocking will now be handled by Nick Christofeno instead of Lee Troyer.
  • The members agreed that a spring and fall stocking as happened in 2019 should continue.

New Business

  • The members present agreed to donate $200 to the ST. Joe Valley Fly Fishing club for their annual Ty-A-Thon. Mike will contact Tim Scott with this information.

Next Meeting – Wednesday – March 11, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary