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Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2019

Meeting Attendees

    Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser  Nick Christofeno   Jim Philips   Mike Beachy  Jim Mock    Mark Holcomb    Steve Mack  John Hollister  Wayne Andrews  Lee Troyer  Leonard Gustin     Oliver Miller   Tom Sult

Middlebury Library

  • Keith Loutzenhiser will meet with the library staff to reserve a room for our normal meeting times in 2020. The meetings are always the second Wednesday of the month (7:00 to 8:00pm)

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for November 13, 2019 were approved.

Fishing Reports

  • Mike reported that on December 7th he caught 6 browns (Well Field to the Park) on large soft hackles and a black leech. He had also been out a couple weeks earlier and caught a few browns

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser reported a total balance of $ 27,657.61 in all accounts as of December 2019.
  • Dr. Dan Burns sent a donation of $ 100
  • $50 was sent to the Indiana Gaming Commission along with the ST-105 forms required for the annual raffle.
  • Jeff Yates of TU National will receive the annual Financial Reports when they are complete. There was a discussion to align the LECTU elections with the new fiscal year. This would eliminate an unnecessary overlap of our financial reporting. LECTU will decide within the next few meetings.


  • The winter newsletter has been started. Mark Holcomb and Oliver Miller will be contributing articles. The newsletter will be sent after the articles are submitted.
  • Nick Christofeno presented a program at Butler University on November 12th. The program was well received and three people signed up as members to TU.

Indiana Gaming Commision

  • The filing for our gaming license with the state of Indiana (annual raffle and outing) was unnecessarily difficult with the state requiring a confirmed date, and the town of Middlebury not willing to grant a date until 2020. Tom Enright of the Parks Commission assisted LECTU by verbally confirming the date, and the signing the necessary documents. Tom is an asset to LECTU.
  • The documents have all been submitted to the State of Indiana for approval.

Middlebury Parks Rental Agreement

  • Keith will sign the rental agreement with the town of Middlebury in January 2020, and also pay them the $ 50 reservation fee.

LECTU Outing Printing

  • Brandon Rasler sent the formatted flier to Steve Mack and Mike. Steve will forward this information to Keith. Keith will arrange for the printing through Mapleleaf Printing.
  • The total printing package will contain 500 fliers for mailing, 1,000 fliers for distribution, the solicitation letter, and the annual raffle tickets.
  • The printing package should be available one week after submittal by Keith.

Outing Fundraiser

  • Steve Mack has been in discussions with Yeti and Kong Cooler regarding donating to the outing. Kong Cooler (Local Distributor) will donate, but would like to advertise at the outing. Steve will contact the local distributor with tentative approval of LECTU.
  • Steve contacted the Hampton Inn (Middlebury). The Hampton will grant LECTU a 15% discount for Friday/Saturday of our outing weekend (May 1st and 2nd). In addition Steve will reserve a room for our Featured Speaker (Nicole Watson of Michigan State who will speak of reintroducing Artic Grayling to Michigan).
  • Steve has been in contact with John Uhlenhop (noted fly tier and published author) regarding his availability for a fly tying event. The Hampton room cost will be $ 150.
  • The demonstration would consist of 3 flies for the Intermediate to Advanced Tier with a maximum of 15 participants. A tentative date of February 23rd (alternate date: March 8th) was agreed by the members present.
  • Additional expenses such as lunch, and any participation fee will be determined at our next meeting.

Annual Adopt-A-Trout Rod Raffle

  • LECTU has purchased a Winston Air 9ft. 5wt rod for our outing. In addition a Ross Evolution R 5/6 reel was purchased. Nick Halle (TU National) was very helpful in expediting this process.
  • There was a discrepancy between the listed cost ($475) and our payment ($605). Keith will contact Winston regarding this difference.

Corson County Park

  • There was no additional update on the progress of the new park.

H.A.M. Project

  • The HAM (Habitat Maintenance Project) Project will again provide hams to the property owners on the Little Elkhart catch/release section of the river. Nick has ordered the hams, and Nick and Mike will deliver them on Saturday December 21st.
  • The following will receive hams: Oesch 1, Schwartz(s) 3, Yoder 1, Hoover 1, Adam 1

Heartland Fly Show

  • Heartland Show (Indianapolis: January 18-19). Mike contacted Joe (The Show Guy) since the LECTU location in the past has not been very good. However as a Non-Profit LECTU does not pay a fee. Therefore we have little chance to receive an upgrade.
  • LECTU will reserve four rooms for members. The following have confirmed that they will attend. Keith Loutzenhiser (and spouse), Mike Beachy, Lee Troyer, Mark Holcomb.
  • Any additional members wishing to participate need to contact directly.

Winter Fly Tying

  • Keith Loutzenhiser has offered to host fly tying sessions at his home. These will be held the second Saturday of the month.
  • December 14, January 11, and February 8. Due to possible conflicts dates in March and April will be determined.
  • Oliver Miller and a couple other members have confirmed for Saturday December 14th.


  • Craig was not at the December meeting and no information was provided (see below).
  • The members decided that LECTU hats to sell would be a worthwhile venture. Craig Dulworth will investigate let the members know the details at the next meeting.

No Trespassing at Well Field

  • While fishing the Catch/Release section of the Little Elkhart, Mike encountered No Trespassing Signs posted at Well Field.
  • Although these apparently are not intended for LECTU members fishing that section there is cause for concern.
  • Tom Enright of the Parks Department will investigate and address our concerns.

LECTU Member Fishing Trip

  • The members have shown an interest for a fishing trip to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin.
  • Steve Mack reported that Orrit Tout Lodge on Spring Creek would be able to accommodate 10 members. LECTU would need to book for three days at a total of $ 2,170 ($ 217 per person).
  • Steve will contact Orrit and reserve the lodge for June 11, 12,13 (Thurs., Fri., Sat).

Next Meeting – Wednesday – January 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary