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Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2019

Meeting Attendees

    Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser  Nick Christofeno   Jim Philips   Mike Beachy  Brian Wingard    Lee Troyer   Mark Holcomb   Craig Dulworth  Court Walker  Carlisle Roose  Sam Judd  Tom Sult

Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting minutes for September 14, 2019 were tentatively approved pending publication.

Fishing Reports

  • October 6th Mike reported fishing from Tornado Bend to Riverbend Park. Mike tried streamers but with no success, he did turn a couple of trout.
  • There were numerous trees down in the river. At this point the river is moving freely under and around these trees, and not causing excessive blockage and restricting the river. Therefore LECTU will not remove the trees at this time.

 Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith Loutzenhiser reported a total balance of $ 30,473.25 in all accounts as of October 2019.
  • LECTU received $ 100 from Dr. Burns.
  • LECTU received $ 10 for two Little Elkhart River Guides.
  • Due to a change in the Indiana Gaming Rules, LECTU may need to refile with the state of Indiana regarding the Raffle at the Annual Outing.


  • Brandon will be sending the Summer/Fall newsletter soon.
  • Mike received two requests for the Little Elkhart River guides.

Brown Trout Stocking

  • Mike spoke with Larry Koza, DNR stocked 500 brown trout (from Kentucky Hatchery) at County Rd. 35.
  • Larry Koza believes that the LECTU fall stocking at the new Corson Park is a good idea.
  • LECTU will stock 500 brown trout (from Wisconsin Hatchery) on Saturday October 12th.
  • Mike spoke with Rhonda (County Parks) about access to the river, and the County Parks does not own the lane. Rhonda did secure access from the developer and the farmer.
  • LECTU will meet at MacDonalds at IN 13/US 20 at 10:30am on Oct 12th.
  • The following members have volunteered to stock the brown trout. Craig Dulworth, Sam Judd, Carlisle Roose, Brian Wingard, Keith Loutzenhiser, Mike Beachy, Nick Christofeno, Mike Beachy, Steve Mack, and Tom Vanderputten.

Corson County Park

  • Mike spoke with Rhonda DeClaire (County Parks). The County has applied for a grant from the DNR ($200,000) to aid in the funding for the new park.
  • The DNR requires that the new park be surveyed and have its own deed. The next step is for the County Parks to survey the land and then secure the grant.
  • After the grant is approved a rezoning request will be submitted to Elkhart County.
  • LECTU is waiting on the rezoning meeting prior to meeting with the C&R.
  • The Elkhart County Parks and Recreation does own the property and there should be no hunting on the property. Rhonda wants to be informed if there are hunters present, however homeowners contiguous to the park property will still hunt on their own land

Boy Scouts

  • Steve Mack with his son James constructed an up/over at the fence by the Wilber Yoder chicken house. Since the Meadow was flooded they needed to postpone the additional up/overs.
  • The styles for these up/overs are stored near the trailer at Chris Miller’s property.

LECTU Work Trailer

  • The information needed for the title has been given to Nick’s brother John who is a lawyer.
  • John will attempt to circumvent the legalities preventing LECTU from getting a title.


  • LECTU needs to have the rod/reel to be raffled next year available for the first fly fishing show which is January 2020 in Indianapolis. The members present agreed that a Winston rod/reel combo should be the outfit. Mike will investigate wt/length etc. and let the members know what is available.

Annual LECTU Outing 2020

  • Planning will begin to source the main speaker for the outing for next year.
  • Craig Dulworth suggested the woman who has been researching the reintroduction of the Artic Grayling to Michigan. This was the same woman who presented this topic at the TU Mid-West Regional Leadership conference in March. The LECTU members who were present at the conference agree that she would be a good choice.
  • LECTU needs the Indiana Gaming Rules/Raffle updates.

Middlebury Parks

  • Middlebury Parks has applied to the DNR for a Next Level Trail Grant to connect Riverbend Park to the Pumpkinvine Trail.
  • The Parks Department is seeking donations for matching funds. Funds and the number of matching partners are important.
  • LECTU voted to donate $ 100 from the chapter.
  • The members present at the meeting collected another $ 160 to donate.

Board of Directors

  • The following were selected and/or are continuing terms as the LECTU Board of Directors
  • Don Fiwek 3rd Year
  • Mark Holcomb 2nd Year
  • Court Walker 1st Year

Next Meeting – Wednesday –  November 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Tom Vanderputten – Secretary