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Trout 101 has been canceled

Due to a low response to Trout 101 we have added another work day this Saturday June 13. LECTU has four other scheduled stream work days for June 27, July 18, August 1 and September 12. These are all Saturday morning work projects meeting at Riverbend Park at 8:00 am. Over the past years LECTU Conservation Stream Workdays have accomplished a lot. The goal is to provide trout habitat, improve the rivers trout holding capacity and guard against stream derogation and bank erosion. Last year our attention was aimed at the CR 43 section of the catch and release section of stream. At this point that section of river is complete however the river is always changing and no area can be ignored for long. There are several areas of the river that are requiring our attention. New fallen trees have started to clog the river in several spots causing bank erosion as the river cuts its way around these clogs. The emerald ash bore has ravaged the woods surrounding the river raising concerns that this problem will only get worse in the coming years as the dead trees begin to fall into the river.This year our work days will require us to pay attention to these problem spots rather than to address an entire section of river as we did last summer. Once again we are asking for volunteers to assist us in this endeavor. We need a small army of helpers to make our river fishable, free flowing and a place of beauty. The work is hard but very rewarding. The more volunteers we get the more we can accomplish. Please make an effort to come and give us a hand in this never ending task.