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Beginners Fly Fishing

LECTU will be holding the Beginners Fly Fishing Class on Saturday May 30 at Riverbend Park in Middlebury. Anticipated starting time is 9:00 am however it depends on the number of folks attending and if we need to run more than one class. Fee for this class is $15. That includes the use of a fly rod outfit and all the supplies. This class is a real bargain. Generally this type of instruction will cost you a lot more if you were to go through any fly fishing shop. This class is limited to fishermen 10 years old or older.

2013_0608(011)This class is for the new fly fisherman or someone who has started to fly fish on their own and is struggling. Even if you have never held a fly rod in your hand but have always thought you may want to try it, this is the class you need to figure it all out.

Charlie Ray will be teaching this class. Charlie has had years of teaching experience and it has carried over into his passion for the art of fly fishing. He is patient with his teaching technique and truly a gift to our chapter.

Charlie will start each student from the beginning with explanations of what fly fishing is all about. It can be complicated at first. Differing lengths, weights of fly rods, types of fly lines, leaders and tippets, knots to attach it all together can be confusing enough to make a beginner quit before they even start. Then there is the actual casting that is a timing issue and completely different from spinning gear. Then there are the flies by the thousands. What is the difference between them and what do they represent. The entire package can be overwhelming.

Charlie can provide the seeds required for the beginning fly fisherman that can blossom into a lifetime of enjoyment. Let Charlie enlighten you. Not only is fly fishing a calming experience but a productive manner in which to catch trout.

To enroll in this class please contact Mike Beachy with a text message at (574)596-4929 or an e-mail at beach@bnin.net. This class is first come first served with limited availability of spots.