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Little Elkhart Trout Fishing 101

DSCF0682Have you, never fly fished for trout on the Little Elkhart River? Have you had less success than you would have liked? Did you arrive at the river clueless as to what to use or how to fish it?

I think that has happened to all of us at some point however LECTU is about to change all that. We are going to hold our first ever Trout Fishing 101 Clinic on Saturday June 21 starting at 9:00 am for all those who want to know how to fish for
Amish trout. We have taken the most experienced Little Elkhart trout fishermen and asked them to serve as instructors. Each instructor will be teaching a different technique for taking trout on the Little Elkhart River.

The Little E, fly fishes different than most rivers. We have water level fluctuations, water clarity considerations and trout cover that are mainly woody. To be successful you need to be able to change techniques depending on the conditions and the time of year. We want our members to be successful in their adventures to the Little Elkhart River so let us help you get a jump on the learning curve.

The Clinic will run like this. The “students” will divided into smaller groups. Each group will go with an instructor to the river for education on a particular technique. Your instructor will advise you as to the type of water to look for when fishing this technique, the best time of year to use it and a list of flies to use with this technique. The instructor will then demonstrate the technique and answer any questions you have about it. After a designated time the “student group” will then move to another instructor for another educational demonstration until all techniques have been gone through.

2013_0608(011)Techniques covered will include streamers, nymphing, swinging soft hackles, jig fishing log jams and dries and dry/ droppers. We will provide written handouts with diagrams, fly selection and information on each technique and space for you
to take notes for future reference.

There is no fee for this clinic however we would like to know who and how many will attend so you will need to reserve a spot. This clinic will be a rain or shine event so dress appropriately. The clinic should take about two hours so there will be plenty of time to try out all that you have learned the rest of the afternoon. You might as well bring your fishing gear and make a day of it while all the info is fresh in your mind.

To reserve a spot in LECTU’s inaugural Little Elkhart Trout Fishing 101 Clinic contact Mike Beachy at beach@bnin.net or call (574)596-4929.