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Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2013


Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy, Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Jim Phillips, Pete Lehman, Lee Troyer, Tom Cripe, Keith Loutzenhiser, Brandon Rasler, Joe King

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the May meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Fishing remains good.  Water levels have dropped and clarity has increased.  Nymphs are fishing better than streamers.

Treasurer’s Report
Don reported a balance of $11,709.44.

Year-to-date income is ahead of expenses by $1,394.06.

Mike stated that he has his portion of the newsletter almost written.  He would like it published prior to the July, 13th work date.  Mike asked for the following to be included in the newsletter:

  • Lee to submit a fly pattern

  • Lee to write up a report on the trout stocking

  • Jim to write a report on the chestnut lamprey study

Beginner Fly Fishing Class
The Charlie Ray fly fishing class went well.  There were two beginner classes.  A comment was made that it would be helpful to take this a step further with some actual on-stream fishing experience.

Trout Fishing 101

As a result of the comment above, there was a discussion about the LECTU chapter having a Trout Fishing 101 class which would consist of more experienced fly fishers working on-stream with less experienced club members to show techniques that work on the local stream.

Brown Trout Stocking

The brown trout stocking took place on May 10th this year.  The trout were 9” – 11” and were very active.  The plan was to stock at 4 locations with 100 trout at each location, except for Wilbur’s which will be 200 trout.  The plan was modified when the hatchery truck got stock at Wilbur’s and a wrecker was needed to pull him out. As a result,  Hoover’s farm was not stocked due to the risk of getting the hatchery truck stuck again.

Total cost of the 500 brown trout including transportation was $1,750 and we paid $125 for the wrecker.

Schwartz Property Signs

We are waiting on John Schwartz to let us know what he wants on the signs.

Middlebury Parks Project Assistance

The LECTU coordinator for the Youth Fishing at the Essenhaus is Court Walker.

The coordinator for the Riverfest at Riverbend Park is Leonard Gustin.

Middlebury Parks Riverbend Bank Stabilization Project

Both phases 1 and 2 were completed in the first half of June.  This included installing a number of lunker structures as well as placing 120 tons of rock to stabilize the banks.  Volunteer labor was supplied by LECTU, SJRVFF, Middlebury Parks and other interested individuals.  The results are very impressive.  Phase 3 will take place on private property on the west side of the stream in Riverbend Park.

Meadow Section Evaluation

During the Riverbend project, Mike Beachy and Joe Mitchell visited the meadow section of the river to see if similar work could be done to improve that section.  Joe estimated that we could make quite a difference in that section for $10,000.  Our 25% of the grant requirements can be partially offset with volunteer labor.

Stream Works Dates

Work dates are scheduled for June 22, July 13, July 27 and August 24. Meet at Riverbend Park at 8:00 AM with old waders and gloves and prepare to get dirty.

Chestnut Lamprey Project

Jim Phillips reported that Phil Cochran visited the Little Elkhart recently in regards to the chestnut lamprey study.  These lampreys are on a 5 year life cycle and are only in their adult stage for one year.  They die after spawning.  Their presence in the stream indicates higher water quality.  Mr. Cochran will return in August to do some in-stream shocking.

New Business

Trout Mortality

Jim Phillips led a discussion of a document he prepared on trout mortality that used different models based on varying assumptions.  The end result shows that once the life span limit has been reached, the number of trout in the stream with the same level of annual stocking remains the same.  Of course, there are other variables such as trout migrating in and out of the stocking area, summer water temperature variances, etc.

Brown Trout Stocking Levels

There was some discussion as to whether the state would allow us to increase the number of brown trout we stock.  Mike stated that the state wants us to stay at 500 browns until they can do a shocking study.

Catch and Release Area Expansion

There was also some discussion of the chances of having the catch and release area expanded.  The logical expansion would be on the Little Elkhart from CR 43 to US 20 and on the Rowe Eden from the confluence to US 20.

Next Meeting –July 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.

Lee Troyer – Secretary