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Meeting Minutes November 14, 2012

Meeting Attendees
Brandon Rasler, Lee Troyer, Mike Beachy, Court Walker, Leonard Gustin, Don Fiwek, Tom Cripe, Tim Magnuson

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Mike Beachy – 11/2 – 3 browns, 11/4 – 11 browns, 11/9 – 9 browns.
Two of the browns were about 4” long indicating natural reproduction. Mike also spotted a large brown on a redd.

Treasurer’s Report
Don reported a balance of $9,963.62

My Healthy Stream Book
We received the books (My Healthy Stream) from TU. Each member in attendance received one and we will also give one to each Little Elkhart property owner along the C & R stretch. These will be delivered with the Christmas hams.

Indiana on the Fly
Mike reported that we are registered for the event, which is January 5th. Mike will update our display board and get Adopt-A-Trout tickets printed.

Everett Drake Letter
Mike will send a letter and LECTU decal to the TU members that we picked up with the disbanding of the Everett Drake TU Chapter in Indiana.

We will prepare a fall/winter newsletter that will be published by mid-December. Brandon has agreed to write a guest article.

Annual Spring Outing
• Reservations for Riverbend Park have been made.
• The Gaming Commission application has been sent in for our raffle.
• A number of possibilities were discussed for a featured speaker.
• Charlie Ray will again bring his casting process.
• The Adopt-A-Trout prize has been ordered.
• Mike also ordered 50 dozen trout flies from Spirit River for $150.
• Bob Hagin will again be in charge of raffle and auction donation procurement.

Catskill Fly Fishing Museum
Mike received a book (Beyond Catch and Release) from the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum along with a donation request for some of their programs. After discussion, it was decided to decline as they are so far outside our geographic area.

Middlebury Parks Erosion Project
The Middlebury Parks Dept has identified some erosion issues on the Little Elkhart in Riverbend Park on the West bank. Dave Arrington already has grant money on a matching funds basis for this type of project. LECTU donated labor for the project can be used to offset the matching funds portion. Using Joe Mitchell’s expertise was discussed. Since this is the Parks Dept project, Mike will pass on all this information to them and let them know that we will support the project with our volunteer labor.

Brown Trout Stocking
Mike asked for a volunteer to take over the stocking program, including getting the required permits and scheduling the delivery and stocking of the browns. Lee Troyer volunteered.

It was also suggested that we consider stocking our browns in the fall rather than the spring. There were a number of questions as to the impact on the trout which no one could answer. Brandon will write as letter to fisheries biologists including Darah Deegan and Ann Miller to see if they can offer any insight.

Habitat Access Maintenance Project
Mike will order the hams from Old Hoosier Meats, which will be distributed to C & R landowners in December. Those receiving hams will be:
Oesch – 1
Schwartz – 3
Fry – 1
Wilbur Yoder – 1
Hoover – 1
Lee Yoder – 1

Next Meeting –December 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.
Lee Troyer – Secretary