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Meeting Minutes October 10, 2012

Attendees: Mike Beachy, Joe King, Bob Hagin, Don Fiwek, Brandon Rasler, Tom Cripe, Court Walker, Leonard Gustin, Tim Magnuson,  Tom Martin

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM by Mike Beachy.  Meeting Minutes from Sept.  2012 meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports: Joe King caught Salmon at Pucker St. Dam, Niles, MI with egg patterns, Mike Beachy 9/30/12:  5 browns, 1 rainbow, one 4” natural brown??  Sighted some large browns.

Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal year completed 9/30/12.  $10,315.38, with an approximate non-profit savings of $710.00.  No liabilities at present.  TU insurance bill will be paid when due again.

Work Days: September 15, 2012;  14 volunteers were present to work on Barking Dog site.  Previous work done at the various work day locations done this holding still looking good and filling in nicely.

Volunteer Hours: LECTU stream cleanup / stream workdays only:  Total 203 volunteer hours.  Total volunteer hours for Riverfest, Youth Fishing Derby, etc. and above mentioned work days Totaled 869 volunteer hours.

Indiana On The Fly: January 5, 2013, Indianapolis, IN.  Patty Beasly contacted LECTU for sponsorship for 2013.  LECTU members agreed.

TU Everett Drake Chapter Dissolution: LECTU received the cities of Kokomo and Lafayette, IN.  We received approx. 65 new members due to this.  A letter will be sent to these new members introducing them to LECTU.

Tie-A-Thon: LECTU would like more participation to help SJRVFF.  A list of requested flies may be found at www.sjrvff.com

LECTU Spring Outing: The date for the LECTU Annual Spring Outing will be Saturday May 4, 2013.

Adopt-A-Trout: Discussion regarding a Winston 9’, 5 weight, 4 piece rod with Lamson reel as raffle grand prize.  Models to be determined.

Raffle License: Application will be made.

Pavilion Reservation: Mike Beachy to contact Tom Enright of Middlebury Parks Department to reserve the site for the 2013 outing.

Guest Speaker: LECTU to determine guest speaker for the 2013 Outing.

Donations: Bob Hagin to contact manufacturer’s, fly shops, etc. to begin Soliciting prize donations for 2013 Outing.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM

Minutes Taken By:  Court Walker