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Meeting Minutes September 12, 2012

Attendees: Mike Beachy, Jim Phillips, Joe King, Don Fiwek, Brandon Rasler, Tom Cripe, Court Walker

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM by Mike Beachy.  Meeting Minutes from June 2012 meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports: Joe King caught a mix of rainbows, browns and smallmouth bass on C.R. 120 using a spin cast equipment.

Treasurer’s Report: Approximately $10,300.00, with an approximate income exceeding expense profit of $700.00

Communications: Card of Thanks from Mary Smith for our support of Casting For Recovery Card of Thanks from the Middlebury Parks Dept. for our help with the Youth Fishing Derby.

Discussion of tasks to be accomplished for the September 15, 2012 workday at the Wayne Frye property.

Hoosier River Watch: Mike Beachy was able to talk with Tom Enright of the Middlebury Parks Dept.  regarding the possibility of LECTU taking over the HRW program and supplying him with the data.  This was under the assumption MPD was not doing the regularly scheduled testing. Tom said that they were indeed doing it on schedule and would keep us in mind though if our assistance is needed.

TU Everett Drake Chapter Dissolution: LECTU received the cities of Kokomo and Lafayette, IN.  We received approx. 65 new members due to this.  A letter will be sent to these new members introducing them to LECTU.

TU Volunteer Operations: Beverly Smith of TU Volunteer Operations sent a letter to all chapters asking us to sign on for support of better rules and regulations for fracking procedures LECTU members present agreed unanimously to sign 0n.

LECTU Board Member Nominations:

Joe King was nominated for a three (3) year term on the LECTU Board of Directors by Mike Beachy.  This motion was seconded by Jim Phillips.  Attendees voted unanimously in favor of Joe’s three (3) year appt. to the board.

Mike Beachy then made a motion to allow all currently serving board members to remain in their positions as is for the next year, or according to the time limits of their term.  This motion was seconded by Jim Phillips.  Attendees voted unanimously in favor of keeping serving board members in their current positions.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.
Minutes Taken By:  Court Walker