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June 16 Stream Clean Up

Clearing a log jamLECTU has scheduled four Stream Cleanup work days this summer. Our goal is to move log jams out of the main channel of the river to keep the water moving and cool. This provides better habitat for the trout that we are trying to protect. The more volunteers we get the more we can accomplish. I would like to start to spread out and tackle areas outside the catch and release section in the coming years. We need help in identifying problem areas, securing permission from property owners and volunteers to work on improvement projects. If we continue to work as a team I believe we can accomplish a lot. Please consider volunteering some of your time this summer to help LECTU make a difference for the river and for the trout.

Our first stream cleanup will be a combined effort with help from the SJRVFF. We are planning a fish habitat restoration project on the Little Elkhart River at CR. 43 just southeast of Middlebury in Elkhart County. The project will involve cutting, moving, cabling and placing trees in-stream and installing 1/2 log habitat structures through out the stream to provide habitat and holding structure for trout. You may want to bring a pair of gloves, a rake, bug spray, waders or old tennis shoes and long pants for wet wadding.

We encourage everyone to take part in these projects even if you don’t feel like you are physically able to dunk into the water and pull out logs we could use your assistance handing us tools from the bank, tossing us a water bottle or simply cheering us on. Work days are always fun and it is a great way to learn the river. The more help we have the more we can accomplish on this joint project with the St. Joe River Valley Fly Fishers. The project should wrap up about noon, beverages and lunch will be provided.

Stream Cleanup – 8:00am CR 43 Bridge (Map)
We will be working in the river. Bring your waders, water, gloves, garden rake, bug spray and long sleeves.