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Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011

Meeting Attendees
Wayne Andrews, Leonard Gustin, Brandon Rasler, Mike Beachy, Bob Hagin, Bob Roth, Tom Cripe, Joseph King, Lee Troyer, Don Fiwek, Chris Miller, Court Walker, Guest: Mike Oesch

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Mike was the only one that had been out since the last meeting. He reported catching 5 browns in a 3
hour trip.

Treasurer’s Report
Don reported a balance of $8,924.63.

The winter newsletter was sent out yesterday by Brandon.

CR 43 Project
Public notices will go out to landowners on Saturday, December 17th.

Indiana on the Fly
The date for the event in 2012 is Saturday, January 7th. Lee, Mike, Don and Bob Hagin plan to attend.

Indiana Gaming Commission
We have received our one-day license to hold our spring rafle.

Mike announced that Adopt-A-Trout tickets are available for club members to sell.

Elkhart Conservation Club Brown Trout
Mike will try and schedule Ed Evans for a February or March meeting to present his vision where he
wants to take their brown trout stocking program.

Annual Spring Outing
The date for the 2012 event will be May 5th. We are still looking for a headliner, being either a speaker
or a demonstration.

Habitat Access Maintenance (HAM)
The smoked hams will be delivered to the landowners this Saturday.

Upper Midwest Trout Unlimited Regional Meeting
There has been no further communication on this proposed meeting.

Brown Trout Stocking Program
Mike will contact the Crystal Springs Hatchery the end of this month. They do their testing in January
and the results go in with their permit application.

Dave Arrington made a presentation on the work his company has been doing on the Little Elkhart river
watershed. This is a program resulting from concerns about the water quality of the Great Lakes and
the drainage that comes into the Great Lakes from rivers and streams. Dave has been working with
grant monies available to reduce the amount of sediment, nitrates, E Coli and other harmful runoff
from entering the stream. He has worked with farmers to create vegetation along the waterways and
constructing alternatives to cattle being in the waterways. Results have shown that harmful effluents
have reduced dramatically including the reduction of hundreds of tons of silt yearly. He has been
working on this for eight years and Suggests another six years of work to be done.

Next Meeting – January 11, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.
Lee Troyer – Secretary