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Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2011

Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy, Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Tom Cripe, Court Walker, Lee Troyer

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Mike reported catching 14 browns in two trips in the well field area during October. Several browns were approximately 4 inches, indicating natural reproduction. Mike reported seeing a few redds where browns were spawning.

Treasurer’s Report
Don reported a balance of $8,915.01.

Accident Insurance
Mike stated that we received the accident insurance policy. The Secretary will keep it on file.

Mike would like to get the winter newsletter out in December. Items to include are as follows:

  • Indiana on the Fly
  • Tie-A-Thon – Beneficiary this year is Casting for Recovery
  • Trout catch rate statistics – Maybe Brandon can put a report together
  • The President’s letter is ready to go
  • Brandon has an article about the Little Elkhart that could be included
  • Lee will do the Featured Fly
  • Court will do a write-up on the Hoosier River Watch project
  • Adopt-A-Trout

Stream Improvement
The work that was completed from Tornado Bend past the C&R downstream boundary in the park is really turning out well. It has created holes with gravel bottoms and the structures are holding up well.

CR 43 Project
John Law informed us that we will need to get a permit from the DNR for the project. There is no hearing scheduled and it is our understanding that none will be necessary. Mike has the public notices prepared for delivery to the landowners. We will need to send a $200 check with the application once the public notices have been delivered.

Indiana on the Fly
The date for the event in 2012 is Saturday, January 7th. Thus far, Lee, Mike, Don and Leonard plan to attend. Lee is in the process of ordering hats to sell and also for the Spring Outing.

Indiana Gaming Commission
We do not need to re-qualify for a gaming permit to sell raffle tickets. The application is already sent in.

The rod and reel for the raffle arrived. Mike printed 1,000 tickets. Members need to get out and sell the tickets.

Elkhart Conservation Club Brown Trout
The trout are scheduled to be released next week. It is anticipated that the Little Elkhart will get a substantial number. Ed Evans wants to discuss with us his ideas for their trout program. He mentioned keeping the trout for two years, thus raising substantially larger trout before they are released.

Annual Spring Outing
The date for the 2012 event will be May 5th. Mike has reserved the pavilion. We need to come up with a featured speaker for the event.

Middlebury Parks/Hoosier River Watch
Thanks to Court Walker and Brandon Rasler for assisting with testing on the Little Elkhart. Court reported that he does not have the results yet from Tom Enright.

Habitat Access Maintenance (HAM)
We will again be giving out smoked hams to the Little Elkhart landowners. Lee will get the hams from Old Hoosier Meats and Lee and Mike will distribute them as follows: Schwartz 3, Yoder 1, Oesch 1, Hoover 1 and Adam 1. These are approximately 5 lb hams that will run approximately $230.

Trout Unlimited Resolution
Mike reported in our October meeting that TU passed a resolution that TU Chapters are not to participate in hatchery trout stocking of non-native species in waters that hold native populations of trout. Apparently this has generated quite a bit of controversy within TU. However, it does not affect our chapter as our waters are not home to native trout populations.

December Meeting Program
Dave Arrington will be the speaker at our December meeting.

New Business

  • TU 2012 Film Tour – Mike received communication about the TU 2012 Film Tour. The club would have to pay $800 but TU would do the advertising. This probably needs to be hosted in a larger metropolitan area than we have available to our chapter.
  • Regional TU Meeting – There is an effort to organize an Upper Midwest Regional TU Meeting. There will be further details coming.
  • GLC/FFF Fly Tying Expo – This will be held at Holt High School on December 3. Lee and Mike plan to attend.

Next Meeting – December 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.
Lee Troyer – Secretary