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Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2011

Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy,Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Bob Hagin, Bill Myers, Penny Myers, Brandon Rasler, Carlisle Roose, Lee Troyer, Court Walker, Tim Magnuson, Joseph King

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the August meeting were approved as amended.

Fishing Reports
Mike reported catching 4 browns and 1 rainbow on August 16.  He used a size 16 Madam X.  He also caught 6 rainbows on September 1 at SR 120 at Bristol.

Leonard caught some brookies on the Black River up to 12+ inches.

Bill and Penny Myers did well on their western trip.

Don Fiewk fished the Eagle River at Avon Park in Colorado.

Treasurer’s Report
Don reported a balance of $9,749.64.

Don did some work on our by-laws in response to the Trout Unlimited initiative and presented the revised by-laws for approval.  Lee suggested that instead of eliminating written approval of expenditures of $200 or more that we include approval of $200 or more and that email approval by the President is sufficient.  Don made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Leonard.  It motion was approved.

Brandon will prepare and send the fall newsletter shortly.  Mike will submit the featured fly as well as a write-up on stream work, Riverfest , Youth fishing and the President’s message.  Court will do a write-up on the beginning fly fishing class.

Habitat Project
There is a work day this Saturday which will be our last work day of the year.  We will start at Spring Street and work downstream to the steel bridge.  Workers are to meet at Riverbend Park at 8:00 AM.

CR 43 Project
Mike has been working with John Law on the planning for improving the stretch downstream from the CR 43 bridge.  John Law has experience in laying out this type of project and the permitting process.  John has written up the various documents required for the permits, etc.  Landowners will also need to be contacted about the proposed project.  The permit fee is $200.  However, there is the chance that the regulatory agencies may give approval after an on-site walk-thru of the proposed project.  After approval, we have two years to get the project started.

Beginning Fly Fishing Class
A beginning fly fishing class was conducted by Charlie Ray on August 27th.  The participants reported that it was well done and that they learned a lot.  The only snafu was that another group had rented the pavilion at Riverbend Park.  There is interest in repeating this class next year.  We will need to make sure that we reserve the pavilion.

Casting for Recovery
Penny thanked the club for their donation.  Penny stated that there were 120 women applied for this year’s retreat.  There is only space for 14 women to attend.

Indiana on the Fly
The date for the event in 2012 is Saturday, January 7th.  Mike Beachy will get us registered for the event.  He has the application ready to send in.

Indiana Gaming Commission
The qualification application is ready to send in.  Mike will take care of this.

After discussion, it was decided that we will get a Winston 9’ 5 wt rod along with a Hardy reel for this year’s raffle.

This was brought up at our August meeting and tabled until our September meeting for action.  It was decided that we not contribute to the Au Sable and Manistee River studies at this time.


Clean Air Defense Letter
Mike received a letter from G. Richard Mode of the National Wildlife Federation soliciting supporting signatures to defend the continuation of the Clean Air Act.  The letter stated that there are initiatives in government to eliminate all or portions of the act.  The club decided to take no action at this time.

Officer Elections
The following slate of officers was presented:

President – Mike Beachy
Vice President – Leonard Gustin
Secretary – Lee Troyer
Treasurer – Don Fiwek
Board of Director (3yr) – Court Walker

Leonard moved to adopt the slate as presented.  Bill seconded.  Motion was passed.

Wayne Andrews will have 1 more year as a director. Bob Roth will have 2 more years as a director.

Trout Stocking
It was decided that we will continue to stock 7 – 9” browns going forward for the foreseeable future.  Stocking the same size each year will give us a better baseline for determining growth rates and survival rates.

Next Meeting – October 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.

Lee Troyer – Secretary