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Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2011

Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy, Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Bob Hagin, Jim Phillips, Justin Phillips, Brandon Rasler, Carlisle Roose, Lee Troyer, Court Walker

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Mike reported fishing for 9 hours on Sunday, June 10th and catching 11 browns and 11 rainbows. Water
temperature in the Little Elkhart was 68 degrees and 63 degrees in the Rowe Eden. Mike also found a
dead 16” brown in the meadow that looked like it had been stabbed by a heron.

Treasurer’s Report
The balance is $9,714.96. There are currently no payables outstanding.
Don reported that the 12 month CD has rolled over.

Thank You Letter
Don reported that he had received a thank you letter from Mary Smith for our donation to Reel Women
– Reel Men.

Indiana Gaming Commission
Form CG-22 due by August 15th. There was a question whether we had already filed this report or not.
Mike and Don will follow up.

Beginning Fly Casting Class
A beginner fly fishing class will be held on August 27th and will be limited to 5 participants. Charlie Ray
will be the instructor. Court Walker, Carlisle Roose, Bob Hagin and Don Fiwek signed up for the class.
There is still one opening. Don will be the host of the event, which will be at Riverbend Park.

Web Site
Brandon reported that there are a number of new updates to the web site. The newsletter went out
within the last couple of days.

Indiana on the Fly
The date for the event in 2012 is Saturday, January 7th. We have been asked again to be a supporter.
There is no fee for this but it puts our name on the official supporter list. Booth rental for non-profit
organizations is $200. The headliner this year is Beau Beasley.

Middlebury RiverFest
The Middlebury RiverFest will be Saturday, July 16th from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Riverbend Park.
We will be putting up a canopy with a display. Lee will bring several casting hoops and yarn flies.
Volunteers are to bring waders and nets to assist in the flotilla event to catch the toy boats drifting
down the river. Lee, Brandon, Mike and Bob H. will be there.

Youth Fishing Contest
The youth fishing contest will be at The Essenhaus on August 13th. LECTU volunteers are Brandon, Mike and Lee.

River Work Days
The first work date is July 23rd. We will meet at Riverbend Park at 8:00 AM. We will reschedule the
August 13th work day to August 6th due to the Youth Fishing event. In addition, we will have a work day on September 17.

Thank You Letters
Mike sent out thank you letters to the Spring Outing donors.

There was a discussion on the prize for the Adopt-A-Trout raffle for 2012. Among items discussed was
another rod and reel or possibly a guided trip. Justin stated that he can get 40% off Sage. TU gets
discounts on Winston and Orvis. Mike will check on some pricing.

Trout Catch Reporting
Jim Phillips spoke about our catch rates per hour declining 20% for brown trout based on data between
2008 and 2010 and referenced a book on trout biology and studies of trout in streams and the impact
of stocking trout in streams where wild trout are established. He states that we need to feed the fish
in the Little Elkhart catch and release section to provide both the stocked trout and the resident trout
with necessary nutrients during times of competitive stress, to increase the chances of mutual survival.
Discussion followed concerning stocking methodology and feeding issues.

Brandon Rasler quoted some statistics from our catch rate database for 2011, which shows a catch rate
per hour for brown trout increase of 65% for 2011 over 2010.

No further action was taken.

Next Meeting – August 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.
Lee Troyer – Secretary