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Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2011

Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy, Bob Hagin, Brandon Rasler, Bob Roth, Lee Troyer, Don Fiwek, Chris Miller

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the April meeting were approved.
Fishing Reports
Mike Beachy reports catching about 50% browns to 50% rainbows. Charlie Ray caught trout after the outing on prince nymphs as well as soft hackles. There is some evidence of poaching. There was an empty worm container on the Schwartz property by the big hole.
Treasurer’s Report
The Adopt-A-Trout raffle raised $1,420. Total net outing revenue (including Adopt-A-Trout) was $2,524.55.
The silent auction did well at $910 revenue versus $195 in expense. Meal donations exceeded expense by $98.
Total balance in our bank accounts after all invoices paid (including the 500 brown trout) is $10,224.91.
Brown Trout Stocking
We received 500 brown trout that were 7 to 9 inches on Monday, May 9 from Cedar Brook. We released 50 at CR 43, 200 on the Hoover property and 250 were released in Wilbur’s meadow. We purchased our trout from Cedar Brook both in 2011 and 2010. We purchased them from Crystal Springs in 2009 but were not able to use them this year. It turns out that the brown trout he killed last year was due to a false positive in the testing results. They are in the
process of testing the water in his hatchery and if that turns out okay, we will look at using him again in 2012.
In 2008, we purchased our trout from Twin Pines, which is located near Duluth, which resulted in very expensive transportation costs. Total cost of the brown trout this year was $1,714, which includes the transportation costs.

Outing Recap
Our annual spring outing was held at Riverbend Park on Saturday, May 7. There were about 55 people in attendance. The highlight of the outing was a presentation by Chris Wood, President of Trout Unlimited. Our chapter presented him with a jacket with the LECTU logo on the back and his name on the front. It was well received.

Don Fiwek will fill out the after event gaming permit documents. Mike will prepare a letter thanking those who donated for the outing.

Review of outing activities is as follows:

• We need to re-print the Adopt-A-Trout tickets to get the correct information on them.

• The Charlie Ray fly casting demo was a positive.

• The fly casting course was a bust and will probably be discontinued next year.

• Setting up a separate table with the raffle items under a separate canopy was good. Last year attendees sat around the picnic table with the items, restricting access.

• Don Fiwek felt he could have used some help in collecting money so that he could be relieved at times, rather than being tied up for the entire outing.

• The silent auction was good. It is believed that it raised a lot more money than letting those items be a part of the general raffle.

• The river access tour is always a popular event as was proven out again this year. Chris Miller had a large van and he still had to give two tours.

Next year suggestions:

• It would be nice to have a door prize. Every attendee gets a ticket when they sign in for a

drawing for a door prize(s).

• We need to think about ways of improving the way revenue is handled in order to minimize the

efforts and still get the accounting by revenue source that we want. Lee reported that he was able to run a tab on all purchases this year and then pay with a check at the end of the event. However, this was simply a one-off accommodation. It was pointed out however, that it is human nature to spend more money if you can charge items and pay for them all at once, rather than to reach for cash every time you buy a raffle ticket, silent auction item, etc. Club members are to give this some thought for next year.

The outing for next year will be May 5th.

Donation Support
It was moved and passed that we donate $250 to the Elkhart Conservation Club towards their trout rearing program. This check will be presented at the upcoming May SJRVFF outing. It was also moved and passed that we donate $250 to Casting for Recovery.

Mike stated that we only have 6 blue and 6 yellow hats left.

NEITA Meeting
Mike attended the NEITA meeting. He reported that they work closely with the state DNR. Mike also found out that there is a proposed slot limit for smallmouth bass state wide where those measuring between 12 and 15 inches have to be released.

TU Board of Directors
Mike announced that since the State of Indiana does not have a TU Council, we can actually nominate someone for the TU Board as a grass-roots nomination.

Fly Casting Class
Charlie Ray is willing to put on a fly casting clinic at our location. The cost would be $5 per person. For his beginner class, he limits the class to 5 participants and the class lasts for 3 hours. His advanced class is limited to 2 participants at a time and lasts for 1.5 hours. He has limited availability this summer. Two open dates are June 4 and June 18.

Lee also announced that the instructors from Ohio that held the Castapolooza at Leeper Park would put on a spey casting clinic for approximately $500 for 5 participants.

FlyMasters of Indianapolis
They are now an Orvis Gold level dealer. As such, they are willing to put on a fly fishing 101 clinic. More on that later.

River Cleanup
We will have river cleanup work dates as follows:

June 11

July 23

August 13

September ???

We will meet at River bend Park at 8:00 for the cleanup dates.

Chris Wood stated that there is grant money available for stream improvement projects. He can provide resources to assist in the filing of applications for these grants. As this would probably require permits from the various state agencies, we may want to think about teaming up with SJRVFF who is well versed in the permitting process.

Meeting Program
Dave Arrington had to cancel his presentation this month due to the fact that his company had an opportunity with a Canadian Airport that was having bird strikes. He left immediately for that airport.

Next Meeting – June 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.

Lee Troyer – Secretary