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Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2011

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees:
Mike Beachy, Leonard Gustin, Bob Hagin, Doug Moore, Brandon Rasler, Bob Roth, Lee Troyer

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the January meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Mike Beachy caught 5 browns on Super Bowl Sunday, with three fish measuring 16”, 17” and 19”.

Treasurer’s Report
No report as Don Fiwek is on vacation.

SJRVFF donated $500 to LECTU to support our brown trout stocking program.

Since the Elkhart Conservation Club stocks the Little Elkhart with brown trout each year, there was a discussion about a possible donation from LECTU to support their stocking program. This will be dependent as to how well we do on our Adopt-A-Trout raffle this year.

Wayne Andrews completed most of the application for the gaming permit application from the state. Don Fiwek needs to finish it up. They also are asking for a copy of our meeting minutes from the last five years. Lee will get those to Mike B.

LECTU Brown Trout Stocking
All the necessary permits have been filed. However, the permits will not be approved and finalized until they gat the testing results from our trout supplier, which is Cedar Brook Farms. Testing results should be available in April.

Mike reported that the newsletter is ready for publishing.

Spring Outing
Letters have been sent out seeking donations for raffle items.
We need to get someone to demonstrate fly tying. Suggestions were to ask Eric Wroblewski or John Mangona.
Mike suggested that more emphasis be put into the casting course participation this year.
We will not be doing any fishing guiding this year.
The river access tours have always been popular and we will continue to offer them this year.
There was a discussion about offering casting lessons/pointers. Charlie Ray would be a good resource for that.
Mike Beachy will consider putting on a talk, similar to what he does at other clubs.
Chris Wood will be the featured speaker.
Mike asked if everyone can commit to the same responsibilities as last year.

Cabelas Spring Days
Bob Hagin and Leonard will attend on Saturday, March 5.
Mike B and Bob Hagin will attend on Sunday, March 6.
Mike B will call Steve Mack to find out the hours that we will need to be there.

Middlebury Parks River Fest
Mike Beachy and Lee Troyer are part of the River Fest committee. The River Fest is scheduled for July 13th. They want to create a scale map of the Little Elkhart. Daragh Deegan will do a stream shocking demonstration. A number of other activities are also being worked on.

Gary Borger Chapter of TU
Scott Foster wants us to put on a program for their chapter. They are located on the North side of Chicago and primarily focus their fishing on Wisconsin.

March Meeting
The program will be Dave Arrington.
Lee Troyer will not be able to attend this meeting and someone else will need to take meeting minutes.

New Business
Lee Troyer reported that we can get our logo put on apparel at Hoogie’s in Goshen. Brandon will get our logo to them. Caps are $10/each. Lee will order 20 caps for our outing. The color will be red with contrasting colors for the logo.

Lee also suggested that we have a jacket with our logo as a gift for Chris Wood when he attends our outing.

Next Meeting – March 9, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library.
Lee Troyer – Secretary