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Meeting Minutes – December 8, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Mike Beachy, Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Wayne Andrews, Doug Moore, David Witt, Greg Witt, Lee Troyer

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports

Mike Beachy assisted the Elkhart Conservation Club in releasing their brown trout in area streams on November 27th.  ECC kept their trout longer this year, thus they were larger than in past years.  Approximately 6,000 trout were released in the Little Elkhart, Rowe Eden and Solomon Creek.

Treasurer’s Report

Don Fiewk reported a balance of $8,225.43.  Don also reported that he paid for the Accident Insurance through TU that was discussed at a prior meeting.

By-Law Revision

Don Fiwek stated that he reviewed the new by-laws from Trout Unlimited which clarifies a number of items.  Don will use these as a reference to revise our chapter by-laws and present it for a vote at a future meeting.

LECTU Brown Trout Stocking

Mike Beachy reported that he has ordered trout for this year’s stocking.  He ordered 400 7 – 9 inch and 100 11 – 13 inch trout.


Tickets have been printed and are the same format as last year.  Mike has also purchased an Abel reel to go with the Winston rod that he won last year and is donating back for this raffle.

Mike received a communication from Beverly Lane of TU National cautioning us not to sell raffle tickets out of state through either mail or Internet solicitation because of federal issues.  It was also questioned whether we need a state gaming license for our raffle.  Wayne stated that their DU Chapter went through the process and will try and get details.  Mike will also check the IN.GOV web site.

Indiana on the Fly

We will again have a booth this year at Indiana on the Fly in Indianapolis.  Mike received the booth agreement from Patti Beasley.  The booth cost is $200.  The event is January 8th at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds.  Mike built a 9’ 6 wt. Forecast fly rod to donate for a silent auction.  We also have a new display board donated by Cabela’s.

We will again sell our hats and T-shirts as well as our guides and Adopt-A-Trout tickets.

Planned attendees are Don Fiwek,  Bob Hagin, Leonard Gustin, Mike Beachy and Lee Troyer.  Mike will reserve rooms.

Spring Outing

The date is May 7th.   Chris Wood (President of National TU) has expressed an interest in attending our spring outing this year if he can fit it into his schedule.

We need to start thinking about who we can get for demonstrations, speakers, etc. for our spring outing.  Last year we had Jeff Stanifer doing European nymphing techniques and Tom Park tying soft hackle flies.

Kalamazoo Valley TU Chapter

Mike Beachy and Chris Miller attended a meeting at the Kalamazoo Valley TU chapter recently featuring Chris Wood, President of Trout Unlimited.  Mike presented him with a LECTU hat and T-shirt and discussed our chapter.  He expressed interest in attending our spring outing this year if he can work it in his schedule.

Christmas Hams

The hams have been purchased.  Mike will deliver them to the Little Elkhart land owners.

Daragh Deegan

Daragh stated that they are doing a fish barrier inventory on the Little Elkhart.  They will then do a study to determine whether it would beneficial or detrimental to remove those barriers.

New Business

No new business

Next Meeting – January 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary