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Dave Arrington to Present a Program

Dave Arrington Ph. D. is the president of LGL Natural Resources Associates and a senior wildlife ecologist. LGL Natural Resources has been contracted through La Grange County Soil and Water Conservation District to formulate and implement a Watershed Management Plan for the Little Elkhart River drainage system.

Dave’s study and focus is on water quality. He and his team are now in the implementation stage of “best management practices” in an effort to protect the river from contaminates such as siltation and pollution. Large amounts of grant monies have been utilized to protect the Little Elkhart River and a lot of data has been gathered and processed in this effort.

Point sources of contaminants have been identified and are being addressed. Correction of these issues has lead to cleaner water in the Little Elkhart River and it’s feeder streams. These improvements will equate to better habitat for our trout.

Dave is going to address our chapter at our December 8th Wednesday evening LECTU meeting. Dave will present his latest findings and outline the project’s future as they work their way down stream from the headwaters. Dave’s presentation is always interesting and informative. His work is crucial to our chapter’s mission and goals.

This is a meeting you do not want to miss if you want to know what is going on in the Little Elkhart River and what improvements are being made in the water quality of our home waters. The chapter meets at 7:00pm the second Wednesday of each month at the Middlebury Library.