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Meeting Minutes – August 11, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Mike Beachy – Leonard Gustin – Brandon Rasler

Bob Roth –  Lee Troyer

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the July meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports

Mike Beachy reported that he caught a 22 1/2 “ brown.

Lee fished last Friday and caught two browns.

Treasurer’s Report

There was no Treasurer’s report as Don Fiwek is in the hospital.

C&R Signs for Solomon Creek

Mike Beachy has the signs ready to install.  Lee will try and help getting this installed.

Indiana on the Fly

Still waiting to hear from Patty Beasley about getting a discount for the show this year.

Youth Education

Scheduled for October.  Waiting to hear from Marc Gantt.

Indiana Fly Casters

Mike will give them a presentation October 13th.  This is the same evening as our LECTU meeting.  We will decide next month if we want to change our meeting schedule.

Dave Arrington

Dave Arrington will be at our December 8th meeting.  He is making good progress on the Little Elkhart project and he has received funding for another three years.  He has also completed the invertebrate study and will share it with us.

Neil Ledet

Neil Ledet (DNR Fisheries Biologist) will be at our November 10 meeting.  We will have trout catch data ready for yearly comparison.  We will discuss our stocking program as well as discussing the possibility of the state stocking browns.

Summer Newsletter

We will try and get a summer newsletter out soon.  Items to include are as follows:

September is our annual meeting

Data on catch and release rates

Middlebury Riverfest

Middlebury fishing derby for kids

Hunter safety

Fly of the month – Mike Beachy

Middlebury Fishing Derby

The Middlebury Fishing Derby for kids will be Saturday, August 14 from 9 AM to 11 AM.  Lee, Mike and Brandon will volunteer to help measure fish.  We are to meet at the covered bridge on the Essenhaus property.

Middlebury Parks

Mike spoke with Tom Enright as to discussions at the Middlebury Parks Board meeting.  They discussed the idea that we brought to them about stocking the pond at Riverbend Park for kid’s catch and release fishing.  They were open to the idea.  We will make a point of discussing this with Neil Ledet to determine that if bluegills escape into the Little Elkhart during high water, if there is any negative effect.

Tom Enright also mentioned that there is a group that wants to make the Little Elkhart canoe accessible.


Steve Mack of the Hammond Cabela’s store assisted us in one of our river clean-up projects.  He stated that Cabela’s is having a family weekend on August 28 and invited LECTU to set up to sell memberships and do a raffle.  Cabela’s can provide raffle items.  This is a high traffic event.  Leonard Gustin will attend and man the table.

River Work Project

We have completed work at four different sites for a total of ten volunteers spending eighty man hours.

Bob Roth reported that he has been approached by an Amish individual about a log jam on Rowe Eden causing flooding on his property.  He is erroneously blaming LECTU because of our catch and release on the Little Elkhart.  Bob will get with him to find out the exact location and see if our chapter can assist with the log jam removal.

Mike stated that there is a log jam by Marilyn Hodgson’s property on Solomon Creek.  We will look at it to see if we can help with that.

New Business

Adopt-A-Trout Raffle rules – This was brought up at last month’s meeting.  Since there was light attendance this month, this will be tabled until next month’s meeting.

September Officer Elections

A slate has been proposed as follows:

President – Mike Beachy

V.P. – Leonard Gustin

Secretary – Lee Troyer

Treasurer – Don Fiwek

3 Year Board Member – Bob Roth

Next Meeting – September 8, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary