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Meeting Minutes – July 14, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Mike Beachy – Don Fiwek – Leonard Gustin

Bob Hagin – Jim Phillips – Brandon Rasler

Bob Roth – Tom Taylor – Lee Troyer – Don Bates

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports

Mike Beachy reported that he fished CR 10 to CR 35 a couple of weeks ago.  He took a few smallmouth and also a couple of rainbows and one brown in the lower section.  Mike also caught 13 browns last Sunday with one being 20 inches.  They were hitting an olive nymph.

Brandon and Lee both fished yesterday and they each caught one rainbow.


Keith Edwards from Cincinnati inquired about the Little Elkhart and where to fish.  He ended up catching one rainbow and one small brown.

Patty Beasley of Indiana on the Fly also inquired.  Mike steered her to a section of the catch and release.  No report yet.

Treasurer’s Report

Don Fiwek reported our balance at $7,961.73.  He has taken out two CDs.  One is for $3,000 with a 5 year and 11 month term.  The other is for one year at $2,000.

C&R Signs for Solomon Creek

Mike Beachy has the signs ready to install.  He would like some help in getting this completed.

Indiana on the Fly

Mike spoke with Patty Beasley about getting a discount for the show this year, considering we are a non-profit club.  She will get back to us.

Youth Education

Scheduled for October.

Indiana Fly Casters

Mike will give them a presentation October 13th.  This is the same evening as our LECTU meeting.

Dave Arrington

Mike left a message with Dave Arrington about putting on another program for our chapter at a future meeting.

Middlebury Riverfest

We did receive the two fly casting outfits.  We had a few hoops set up for target casting and a few attendees came over to make some casts.  Attendance was fairly good, considering this was the first year for the event.

Cabela’s Store in Hammond

They have expressed an interest in helping with our river cleanup project.  They will send six workers for the July 31st. work date.

Dar Geegan Fish Shocking

Dar conducted the fish shocking at the Middlebury River Fest.  A number of species were captured including three brown trout.  Dar has volunteered to do a shocking study for us at no charge.  The members had some reservations as to the effects this could have on the trout.  Dar had indicated that when large browns are shocked, occasional it can have a negative effect.  There have been instances where it broke the spine on the fish.  It was felt that the information gathered by such a study would not add significant data to what we already know and we believe it is not worth the risk.

Catch and Release Maps

Mike provided a detailed map of the catch and release area.  Brandon put it in color.  This will help in discussions when referring to certain parts of the river.

River Work Project

June 19th, the club removed the log jam on the Little Elkhart at US 20.  July 17th is another work day.  We will work in the woods from the “tornado bend” and work upstream to the “cut through”.  Mike purchased a come-a-long and some chain to assist us in moving large logs.

New Business

Our three years are up for stocking brown trout into the Little Elkhart.  We will have to re-apply for additional stocking.  A motion was made, seconded and passed that LECTU will pursue efforts to continue our brown trout stocking program into the foreseeable future.

Saturday, August 14th, will be a kid’s fishing derby at the Essenhaus.  We have been asked to provide volunteers to assist with counting fish caught and measuring the fish.

There was some discussion about stocking the pond at Riverbend Park for kid’s fishing.  There was some concern that the pond could flood and wash these fish into the river.  Tom Enright will bring this up at the Middlebury Park Board meeting.  It was suggested that we send a representative to the Park Board meeting.  Mike will check into it.

There was a discussion held regarding the development of a professional Little Elkhart River habitat restoration plan in cooperation with the Middlebury Parks Department.

Jim Phillips brought up the ethical propriety of LECTU officers and directors winning the raffle for Adopt-A-Trout.

Next Meeting – August 11, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary