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Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Wayne Andrews           Mike Beachy               Don Fiwek                   Michael Flowers

Leonard Gustin            Chris Miller               Jim Phillips             Brandon Rasler

Tom Taylor                             Lee Troyer                Tom Vanderpotten           Adam Wallace

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the April meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports

Brandon reported that members are logging their catch statistics on the web site.

Catch rates thus far are 2.4 rainbows per hour and 0.5 browns per hour.

Conservation Officer Report:

Mike met the new Conservation Officer for Elkhart County. He stated that they have been active at Solomon Creek checking fishermen but it does not appear they have done a lot of patrolling on the Little Elkhart catch and release section.  Mike invited him to our chapter meeting, but they did not attend this month.

It was mentioned that the signs on Solomon Creek are no longer there.  It was decided that we would put two signs at the CR33 bridge like the signs we have on the Little Elkhart.  Sign costs for the Little Elkhart were $80 each.

Treasurer’s Report

Don Fiwek reported our balance at $8,529.53. The outing was a success financially.  The income/expense numbers were as follows:

· Lunch $210 income $139.69 expense $70.31 net (Have not paid for the brats yet)

· Pick Raffle $670 income $0 expense $670 net

· Adopt-A-Trout $2,070 income $522.91 expense $1,547 net

· Merchandise $565 income $0 expense $565 net Total net $3,122

Spring Outing Recap

There were 46 attendance cards filled out.  There were a few that did not fill out a card.  It was estimated that 50 were in attendance.

· There was good attendance at the European nymphing techniques program by Jeff Stanifer.

· Chris Miller stated that he gave stream tours to 30 individuals.

· Mike Beachy reported that only 4 individuals took part in the guided fishing. We may discontinue this for next year.

· Lee Troyer reported that 8 individuals went through the casting course.

Overall it was a successful outing.

It was suggested that next year we may want to have several more items in the Adopt-A-Trout raffle.

Stocking Report

The trout arrived Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 PM and were stocked in the Little Elkhart.  We stocked 100 at CR43, 200 in the meadows and 200 in the woods on Judy’s property.  The trout were in good shape.  We ended up getting 8 – 10 inch browns.  Total cost was $1,982.  Cost per fish was $2.65.  In addition, we were charged mileage for 330 miles at $1.75 per mile.

Don Fiwek asked if we would be able to order two different fish sizes in the same load and he said that we would be able to in the future.


Rather than send out a newsletter right away, it was decided that Brandon would email a notification for the upcoming stream work days, the first of which is June 19.

River Work

There was a discussion about where we wanted to work on the stream at our June work session.  One suggestion was to work on the log jam that is just north of the US 20 bridge where it crosses the Little Elkhart.

There was some discussion as to what is required for more permanent restoration activities, such as bringing in rip-rap and installing lunker structures.  It was assumed that we would need to get a permit for this type of activity.  More research is needed to determine the feasibility for this.

Casting at the Cove

Tim Scott of SJRVFF asked Mike Beachy if LECTU was interested in having a booth at the Silver Hawks ball park for the Casting at the Cove evening.  Some discussion followed but there was not enough interest at this time.

Indiana on the Fly

The event will be in Indianapolis on Saturday, January 8, 2011.  There was a discussion whether we should participate again this year.  We did make a lot of good contacts last year.  In addition, we sold 50 adopt-a-trout tickets last year.  The fee is $200 for the booth.  Mike Beachy will see if he can get the fee reduced because of our non-profit status.

Youth Education

The plans are to work with the 4-H fishing club in October.  Charlie Ray plans to assist us in this.  He has a lot of experience in youth education as related to fly fishing.

Indiana Flycasters

Indiana Flycasters wants us to put on a program at their meeting in October.

New Business

Leave No Trace is willing to put on a program for our chapter.  This is about minimizing your impact in the environment, taking out what to pack in, etc.

River Bend Park

It was suggested that we look stocking the pond at River Bend Park in Middlebury with bluegills, primarily for kids fishing.  Some research would need to be done to determine what is involved.

Meeting adjourned.

Next MeetingJune 9, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary