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Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees
Mike Beachy, Don Fiwek, Leonard Gustin, Bill Myers, Penny Myers, Jim Phillips, Brandon Rasler, Tom Taylor, Lee Troyer

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the May meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports
Brandon passed around a report from our catch rate database for review. There have been additional reports of what appears to be naturally produced browns being catch. Their size is smaller than what the Elkhart Conservation Club is stocking in the stream. The only possible explanation is that we are getting some natural reproduction in the Little Elkhart.

Mike received an email from Andrew Krzysiek of W. Washington University asking about fishing the Little Elkhart. Mike pointed him in the right direction.

Treasurer’s Report
Don Fiwek reported our balance approximately $8,200. He suggested that we put some of this into a CD. We agreed that a $4,000 CD would be appropriate.

C&R Signs for Solomon Creek
Tom Taylor has the signs in his garage ready to install.

Indiana on the Fly
Mike has not heard back on his request for a discount for the show. The show is not until January but we will keep it on the agenda.

Youth Education
Scheduled for October.

Indiana Fly Casters
Scheduled for October.

River Work Project
June 19 we will be working on the log jam at CR 43 and US 20. We will meet at Riverbend Park at 8:00 AM. Mike received approval to purchase a large come-a-long to aid in log repositioning.

Middlebury Riverfest
We have been asked to participate in the Middlebury Riverfest activities at Riverbend Park on June 26. It was suggested that we set up at least a portion of our casting course with some demo fly casting. We could also bring our fly casting training rods. In addition, we were asked if we could do some fly tying demonstrations. Mike suggested that we can also set up a table with our display board and banner for the event.

It was decided to purchase two casting outfits which can be purchased fairly reasonable.

New Business
It was suggested that we get Dave Arrington back for a program to update us on his progress working on the Little Elkhart drainage. This will probably be scheduled for the fall.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting – July 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library
Lee Troyer – Secretary