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Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2010

Little Elkhart Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Wayne Andrews  Chris Miller

Mike Beachy   Brandon Rasler

Don Fiwek   Lee Troyer

Leonard Gustin   Adam Wallace

Jim Phillips   Tom Taylor

Bill Myers   Penny Myers

Meeting Minutes

Don Fiwek made an amendment to the minutes changing the wording for the supplemental trout feeding  discussion from “the matter will be dropped” to “the matter has been dropped”.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Fishing Reports

February 20 – Mike Beachy caught two browns and one rainbow.

March 7 – Mike Beachy caught three browns and one rainbow while Don Fiwek caught three rainbows.

March 10 – Lee Troyer caught two browns.  One was two inches long.  This is significant because it has to be a naturally reproduced fish.  Both Mike Beachy and Leonard Gustin have had that same experience.

Mike reported on his trip to the Brookville tailwaters.  Mike was not able to catch any fish but a few were caught by the people he was with.  Mike stated that the locals are very unfriendly, which validates what we have been hearing.  Mike had his vehicle keyed, which had been reported by others previously.

Treasurer’s Report

Don Fiwek reported our balance at $7,395.  Adopt-A-Trout ticket sales thus far are $277.09 in excess of the associated expenses.


The newsletter went out yesterday.  Mike suggested that we need to start on the next newsletter soon as that one will have a lot of information in it for our spring outing.

LL Bean Donation

We have received two fly fishing outfits from LL Bean.  The fly rods are 8 ½’  6 weight rods complete with reels, backing and line.

Carmel Orvis Program

Mike Beachy stated that the program that our chapter put on at the Orvis store in Clay Terrace went well.  There were approximately 15 in attendance.  However, they did not sell many Adopt-A-Trout tickets.  Orvis did donate a fly reel to our chapter.

Orvis days are the first week of May.  They want us to come back for that.

Jim Phillips questioned why we are giving programs around the state about the Little Elkhart, and thought that we had discussed in the past that we would not do that.  No one could remember such a discussion and nothing was found in previous minutes to that extent.

Fly Masters

They stated they will get in touch with us in regards to a donation.

Lunkers Extravaganza

Brandon and Mike were on fly tying duty for the Lunkers event.  Brandon stated that most people that stopped by were interested in bluegill flies.

Shipshewana Taste of Summer

It was decided that our TU chapter will not participate in the Shipshewana Taste of Summer event.  Their theme is too far removed for our Trout Unlimited interests.

Youth Education

Mike is still waiting to be contacted by Marc Gant for the 4-H fishing club.

Adopt-A-Trout Raffle

Members are encouraged to keep selling tickets for the raffle.

Brown Trout Stocking

Jim Phillips reported that we will not be able to get fish for stocking this year from the same place as last year due to disease issues at that hatchery.  Mike Beachy found that Cedar Brook had fish available and he ordered 500 7” – 9” browns.  Mike has already been talking to the IDNR to help expedite the permit process.  Stocking from this source is dependent on the hatchery passing the tests that their fish have to go through to be able to bring them across state lines.

Mike has estimated that the cost this year will be between $1,700 and $2,000.

Annual Spring Outing

Lee Troyer will be taking care of the casting course for the outing.

Mike has a number of fly rods and reels for the raffle.  In addition, we also have an LL Bean Tech vest in addition to our hats and T-shirts.  Mike stated that he would like to have some additional miscellaneous items for the raffle.

SJRVFF Tie-a-Thon

Mike asked how many members were participating in the SJRVFF Tie-a-Thon this year.  The date is April 3rd.  Mike, Brandon and Lee have tied their 100 flies.  Lee and Brandon will attend on April 3rd.  Don Fiwek may also attend.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting – April 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary