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Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2010

Little Elkhart Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2010

Mike Beachy called the meeting to order.

Meeting Attendees

Mike Beachy

Don Fiwek

Michael Flowers

Mike Gibbs

Leonard Gustin

Bob Hagin

Chris Miller

Bill Myers

Brandon Rasler

Bob Roth

Lee Troyer

Charlie Ray

Keith Loutzenhiser

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports

March 20 – Mike Beachy caught 4 rainbows.

March 21 – Mike Beachy caught 8 browns and 1 rainbow.

April 6 – Lee & Sandy Troyer caught 2 rainbows and 1 brown.

April 13 – Leonard Gustin caught 2 browns

Wayne Andrews caught 1 brown and 1 rainbow

Treasurer’s Report

Don Fiwek reported our balance at $7,880.77.  There are no payables outstanding.  Adopt-A-Trout ticket sales thus far are $478 in excess of the associated expenses.

Stream Improvement

On March 27, volunteers moved a large tree on the Oesch property in order to function as a wing dam.  This stretch has a lot of siltation.  This has resulted in the silt being washed away down to gravel in this area.

Casting for Recovery

A motion was made to donate $250 to Casting for Recovery.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Don Fiwek will handle the donation.

Youth Education

Mike Beachy has been in contact with Marc Gant of the 4-H fishing club.  Their club meets the first Tuesday of each month.  We will work with them to introduce them to fly fishing at their October 5th meeting.  It is estimated that 20 youths would participate.

Charlie Ray was in attendance and he does extensive work with youth groups introducing them to fly fishing.  His programs are through the Plymouth Park Dept and the Culver Summer Camp.

Charlie suggested that with 20 participants, it would work best if 4 or 5 stations could be set up.  Participants then could be divided into groups of 4 or 5 and then rotate through the stations.  This will allow more personal attention to the participants.  The stations could be fly casting, fly tying, entomology, stewardship, essential knots, … as examples.

Brandon reported that there will be another fishing derby for youths at the Essenhaus ponds this summer (August timeframe). Tom Enright has asked if our TU Chapter wanted to participate and possibly put on a fly casting demonstration.


The newsletter will go to press tomorrow.  Brandon suggested that we establish stream improvement work dates so that he can include them in the newsletter.  Mike Beachy will get him those dates.


Brandon Rasler and Lee Troyer represented LECTU at the fourth annual Tie-A-Thon on April 3rd.  Mike Beachy also donated flies but was not able to attend.  This year there were 7,000 flies tied by volunteers bringing the 4 year total to 20,000 flies.  This year the flies will go to the Kalamazoo Valley TU Youth Camp as well as Reel and Heal.

Next year the flies will be donated to Project Healing Waters.

Adopt-A-Trout Raffle

Ticket sales have been good, thanks to the members who have been selling them.  We are over $400 ahead of expenses.  Everyone is encouraged to continue to sell tickets over the next two weeks.

Brown Trout Stocking

The stocking permit from the DNR has arrived.  The letter certifying that the trout are disease free is in the mail.  Once we receive that, we will forward it to the DNR.  The Crystal Springs hatchery can deliver the trout for stocking the second week of May.  Mike Beachy will get an exact date from them.  Chris Miller will coordinate the stocking.  Volunteers are Leonard, Chris, Lee, Bill Myers and Bob Roth.

Lee will contact Sam Hoover to get permission to access the stream across his farm property.

Annual Spring Outing

The Annual Spring Outing will be held at RiverBend Park on May 1st.  Volunteers need to arrive by 8:00 AM sharp to help set up.  Mike reviewed activities, duties and supplies needed.  Assignments are as follows:

Greeting and Sign-In table – Bill Myers, Leonard Gustin and Don Fiwek

Purchase Food – Mike Beachy

Food Cooking & Service – Bill Myers and Bob Roth

Slide Show – Brandon Rasler

Fly Tying – Tom Park of GO-2-Flies

Fishing Guides – Mike Beachy

Access Tour – Chris Miller

European Nymphing demonstration – Jeff Stanifer

Casting Course – Lee Troyer

Apparel – Don Fiwek

DNR Officer Patrol

Lee Troyer will contact the DNR to request a Conservation Officer to patrol the catch and release area on opening day.

Creel Reporting Process

Mike Beachy stated that we should track our fishing catch rate again this year so that we have the statistical database for future reference.  Brandon Rasler will construct a link on our web site so members can post their statistics.  The reporting process will include hours fished, # rainbows caught, # browns caught, C&R Y/N, and an experience rating.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting – May 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer – Secretary