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2010 Catch Report Project

LECTU is attempting to keep track of fishermen’s catch rate again this year on the Little Elkhart River. It is very important for us to maintain a running statistical monitor to see how the catch and release section of the Little Elkhart River is doing. We also want to compare the catch and release section to the remainder of the river.

This year we are attempting to report all catch rates on our LECTU.org web site. This is the vital information we need.

-How many hours did you fish?
-How many rainbow trout did you catch?
-How many brown trout did you catch?
-Were you fishing inside the catch and release section?
-Were you satisfied with your fishing experience?

These statistics are very important if we want to continue our brown trout stocking program or if we ever wish to expand areas of catch and release protected fishing. Please help us keep a running record no matter if it was a great outing or just a mediocre one they all are important in the overall scheme of things.

To report your catch please click here or on the link on the LECTU homepage.